Silver Website

£399.00 exc. VAT

7 Pages

Your Silver Package includes upto 7 pages to use on your site. We would start with your homepage and a contact page, a little info about you company and what you do, some images maybe and a price list. You choose what you want on each page.


Domain Name & Hosting

Have the peace of mind of knowing that your domain name and hosting package have been dealt with for the year ahead. When you opt for this package, we’ll register your own choice of domain name so that you have the basic foundations of your online brand identity already established.


Unlimited Email Addresses

Imagine not only having yourname@yourdomainname.com, but also as many of those email addresses as your business requires. That is exactly what the specialist in web design Darlington, Webahead Internet offers in its 7 page Silver package, which we can set up for you ourselves.


20 Images

The 4 page package gives clients the freedom to have 10 images across the four-page site, as part of a “lightbox” effect image gallery that allows for each image to be viewed in larger size by visitors.


Technical Support

Whichever web design package you choose, you can always expect Webahead Internet to provide you with the highest standard of technical support. Call our support team from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, for responsive assistance with any problem that you may encounter on your website.

  • Those prospective clients of Webahead Internet that would like to invest that bit more into their website than is made possible by the Basic package may be interested in the Silver package. This is a more dynamic option that brings you a more impressive and extensive web design Darlington.

    As well-regarded providers of services in web design North East, we design our packages to strike the right balance between affordability and genuine effectiveness. You can depend on us to provide you with an attractive, easy to navigate and functional website design that also benefits from our research into your specific needs and industry.

    Choose our Silver package and you’ll get a well-designed seven-page website along with a domain and hosting for a year. Also included are unlimited email addresses and 20 images.