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5 reasons to use unique graphics (rather than stock photos)

Have you often found yourself landing on a website, clapping eyes on its images and then struggling to shake the feeling that you’ve visited this supposedly ‘unfamiliar’ site before?

It could be due to many businesses decorating their websites with what are known as ‘stock photos’, i.e. photographs specially licensed for commercial purposes. 

Should you resist incorporating such imagery into your own website? Here’s why you ought to consider having us make you some eye-catching graphics…

Stock photos can be boring and derivative

Some stock photo motifs have been used so often that they can feel like some running joke on the part of website owners.

We have probably all, at some point or another, scrolled down a webpage and, in the section of it that brings up customer service, seen that groan-worthy, stereotypical image of a smiling, headset-wearing woman in what looks like a call centre!

One problem is that, in utilising such images so eagerly, you risk leaving your company looking like… well, ‘just another’ company, with little favourably distinguishing it.

Stock photos don’t tend to say a lot 

In other words, they aren’t as informative about your business as they could be — especially if those royalty-free photos you do use haven’t even been taken at your own premises and don’t depict any members of your staff.

With graphics, though, you can be a lot more creative. Imagine what an impression it could make on visitors to your website if quirky illustrations on it portray your workplace or individual workers in ‘cartoon’ form! 

Graphics can replace some of your text content

Consider the example of infographics — so-called as they use visual elements like graphics and charts to convey information that would likely otherwise have been presented just as text.

Nonetheless, as you might already know from personal experience, large blocks of interrupted text can be off-putting. So, why not have infographics do some of the legwork — especially as they would be able to add visual interest to the webpage(s) where they are displayed?

A custom image also extends the scope for a unique filename

An image’s filename helps Google to understand the image’s content — and so get the image in front of people who would especially likely want to see it.

However, when you stick just to stock photos, there’s little the filename can really say about them, whereas it can be a very different matter with a bespoke graphic.

For example, while a royalty-free photo of a black iPhone SE might have to be given a generic filename like ‘black iPhone SE’, an infographic can be named something much more inclined to pique the interest of searchers, e.g. ‘5 Clever Ways to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life’.

Professional-looking graphics are within easy reach

You can simply task us with producing those graphics for you. Our graphic designers can create logos, navigation buttons and background images — all to your bespoke specifications. To let us know more about what you have in mind for these graphics, please call 01325 582112.

5 reasons to use unique graphics (rather than stock photos)

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