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5 common mistakes made by owners of ecommerce websites

The world of ecommerce remains big business – especially as it would enable you to reach out for custom from beyond your own nation’s borders. Even just in the UK, 87% of households made online purchases in 2020. However, none of this is to say that ecommerce success is easy to come by. 

According to numerous sources, 90% of ecommerce start-ups fail within 120 days of launching. This is just one reason why you should educate yourself on the following especially common ecommerce no-nos so that you can more easily avoid them.  

Failing to undertake sufficient research 

To thrive in ecommerce, you need the right strategy for it – but you can’t expect that strategy to be a truly well-informed one unless you have completed enough of the right kind of research. 

That research should take account of not only your competitors but also how much market demand exists for the products or services you offer. If you think there exists enough of that demand to sustain your business idea, make sure you can cost-effectively meet that demand with your supply. 

Taking a “will this do?” approach to the website’s design 

Even if you’ve got the right product, many shoppers could be put off buying it from you if your ecommerce website is a struggle to navigate. Therefore, if a competing site offers the same product but is easier to get around, time-strapped shoppers could end up going to that site instead. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t a dab hand at web design – because we are! We can design you an ecommerce site where everything is where it should be for optimising the user experience. 

Offering the wrong products

Essentially, before filling out your store’s stock with an extra product, you should make sure enough demand exists for it. You could too easily make the mistake of assuming that, just because you are keen about a particular product, your customers are bound to be, too. 

You should start by limiting your online store’s offerings to just a few flagship products. Then, you could slowly expand the range on offer as you assess demand. 

Not getting the word out far enough 

No matter how polished your ecommerce website is, you can’t expect it to garner too much interest if few people even know your online store exists. That’s where the importance of marketing comes in – and, fortunately, we are certainly experienced at digital marketing for various clients. 

We can do the likes of writing the text copy for your website and its blog, in the process helping you to build up a strong and consistent brand identity. 

Not suitably training your customer service department 

Once you’ve got the product offering and your marketing strategy right, it would be tragic if you blundered with your customer service – as, in doing so, you would risk leaving a sour taste even in the mouth of a customer otherwise satisfied with what you have done for them. 

You should carefully listen to customers’ feedback before enhancing your ecommerce firm accordingly.

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