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5 common myths about graphic design

What is graphic design? The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the art or profession of using design elements (such as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect”. The term ‘graphic design’ can also, the dictionary adds, describe “a product of this art”.

These are very broad definitions, which helps to explain why many myths about graphic design have sprung up. Here is a rundown of just some graphic design misconceptions, enabling you to garner a more reliable insight into what this art is really about.

“Graphic design is only needed for print marketing”

You might often associate graphic design with such forms of print marketing as leaflets, brochures, and business cards. Indeed, the graphic designers here at Webahead Internet can certainly provide you with logos and other graphics that will look great on printed materials.

However, when these designers do develop this imagery, they can also make sure it will work well when used online — such as on your website and social media pages.

“Graphic design is just about making things look good”

On the contrary, it can also serve a rather more practical purpose — like drawing attention to specific parts of your website that especially warrant it.

This can prove useful when the graphic design elements are on, say, a large e-commerce website with many different pages and links — and we can design that site for you, too.

“Graphic design is easy”

This belief could tempt you to try generating your own graphics, but there’s a crucial word of warning for you to heed here: graphic design isn’t as simple to do as experienced and trained graphic design professionals might make it look.

These professionals know how important it is that each graphic design project they take on is tailored to a specific brief and crafted to serve the client’s specific goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to graphic design, and that’s one reason why it can be so tricky to get right.

“Graphic design is meant to be trendy”  

There are certainly particular motifs that tend to go in and out of fashion over time, and there’s nothing wrong with these trends inspiring graphic design. However, it can bode ill for trends to be used as the foundation of a graphic design project.

This is because you want your brand to gradually imprint itself in the public consciousness — and you can’t expect your brand to do this if you keep shaking it up in response to trends.

“Graphic designers already know what you want”

Alas, this is not true if you haven’t actually told them what you want in graphics you would like them to create for you.

However, a seasoned graphic designer might be able to suggest visual ideas that excite you but you had never previously considered of your own accord.

This is why we urge you to enquire directly with Webahead Internet. That way, you can let us know your corporate objectives, and we can offer you a graphic design solution to suit.

5 common myths about graphic design

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