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5 content marketing trends taking hold in 2023

If you ever find yourself short of fresh exciting ideas for marketing content, you could look at what other brands are doing. 

Better still, you could save yourself the hassle of doing even that — by instead checking out the following roundup of content marketing practices that have noticeably increased in popularity recently.

Of course, you would still need to put your own unique spin on these ideas — but our marketing experts could help you in your search for that remaining special ingredient.

The rise of video shorts 

People are understandably pressed for time, and so can’t always stop to consume video clips lasting something like five minutes in one go.

It’s fitting, then, that short-form videos have really taken off on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram — and made them hubs of easily digestible video snippets. Exactly because they aren’t too demanding on people’s schedules, these videos can go viral with pleasantly surprising ease.

The emergence of the creator economy 

The use of the term ‘influencer’ for someone with large clout on social media might well have made you cringe in the past.

This, in turn, perhaps helps to explain why people once called influencers have since been increasingly referred to as creators.

You could find that you unlock a lot of promotional potential from partnering with online creators and asking them to produce exciting content on your brand’s behalf. After all, these individuals can often be trusted to come up with material that chimes with their own followers.


Key to the appeal of podcasts is how readily they can be consumed. Think about it: you could listen to a podcast yourself while, say, doing housework or driving a car. However, many marketers have overlooked just how much they could gain from recording and publishing podcasts. 

You could even consider agreeing to make guest appearances on podcasts where the listener base comprises many members of your firm’s target audience. That way, you can convey yourself as a thought leader in your specific line of work.

Writing with purpose 

Though artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT have recently featured more and more heavily in the marketing conversation, you need to remember that they could also lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of spammy and identikit content strewn online.   

For this reason, when it comes to written content, you should make sure that your brand’s is truly purposeful and distinctive. Otherwise, it could end up feeling overly similar to AI-generated output.

Visual variety

Placing a strong onus on this is something else you could do to positively distinguish your marketing materials from the kind of thing ChatGPT would come out with.

Examples of visual elements you could insert into your own marketing campaigns include logos, badges, charts and infographics — any of which a graphic designer from the Webahead Internet team would be able to create for you.

You could also ask a Webahead copywriter to provide text that would work harmoniously with those visuals. Please call our team on 01325 582112 to learn more.

5 content marketing trends taking hold in 2023

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