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5 digital marketing trends to expect in 2024

It’s easy to be excited when a new year beckons, as it essentially presents a blank canvas to which you can commit whatever imagery you want. However, to keep the artist metaphor going: as you pick up your 2024 palette, you could find that quite a few paint colours have already been added to it. 

If you run a business that extensively markets itself online, here are just some examples of trends that look likely to take hold in the digital marketing sphere as 2024 unfolds. 

Optimising for voice search

When you are in a hurry, you might initiate a Google search by speaking to a smartphone or smart speaker rather than going down the traditional route of typing the query. 

Judging from estimates cited by Statista, the number of voice assistants in the world could reach 8.4 billion by 2024. As search queries made by voice tend to be longer and more conversational than those that are simply typed, you should carefully consider how to adapt your keywords to suit. 

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences

Of course, 2023 saw the eagerly anticipated and much-publicised unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro, a headset combining elements of both VR and AR. 

Since the Vision Pro is yet to get a retail release, it remains to be seen what marketing magic could be conjured up with this nifty piece of kit. It’s fortunate, then, many forms of VR and AR tech are already with us, enabling brands to provide their customers with immersive experiences in their own homes. 

Virtual events

The COVID-19 pandemic naturally forced many companies to switch from in-person to virtual events as a matter of necessity. It also led many people to realise that online events can replicate many aspects of traditional events more successfully than previously assumed. 

When gatherings are held digitally, more people from around the world can attend them. Also, attendees would not need to physically travel in advance. This can have obvious benefits for the environment, which brings us nicely onto the subject of…

Sustainable marketing

With consumers having recently grown more eco-conscious with their buying preferences, there’s one particularly obvious New Year’s resolution you could set for 2024: to help your target customers do their bit for the planet. 

Perhaps you could draw attention to the green credentials of particular products you stock, or post tutorials showing how, with your company’s help, people can reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental measures you specifically advocate with your digital marketing efforts could include switching to meat-free diets and electric cars. 

Use of artificial intelligence 

AI can aid you in analysing large amounts of data about your customers within a short space of time. As a result, you can garner intriguing insights that potentially inform future marketing campaigns. 

As for what forms these campaigns could take, well, many possibilities abound even just online. Maybe you could ask our graphic designers to provide you with enlightening infographics, or task our copywriters with producing blog posts for publishing on your corporate website?

5 digital marketing trends to expect in 2024

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