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5 features worth adding to an online store as January sales kick off

With Christmas Day now over for another year, it would be wise for retailers to start thinking about how to spur interest from shoppers seeking January bargains.

If you run an e-commerce website, giving it a post-Chrimbo boost could be largely just a matter of adding the following features. Even if your particular online shop already has some of these, we could help you with expanding them to increase their appeal even further.

Product video footage 

One drawback of visiting an online — rather than physical — retail store to peruse products is that you would not be able to simply pick up the products and literally get a feel for them.

However, you can make up for this discrepancy by adding video to your site’s product pages. According to one statistic shared by the Think with Google blog, over 55% of shoppers worldwide claim they use online video even while shopping in a bricks-and-mortar retail store.

FAQs for products 

You can probably recall many occasions when you have seen an online listing for an intriguing product but had at least one question about it not answered in the listing itself. If your online store’s own product listings are looking somewhat sparse, you could attach some detailed FAQs. 

You probably already know exactly what questions to prioritise answering in the case of each product, and the FAQs could save your customer support staff having to field the same questions over and over again.

Coupon codes  

It’s perfectly possible that at least some of your regular customers like to source coupons from coupon websites like VoucherCodes and Groupon.

However, the existence of such sites means that, even when someone is preparing to buy something from your online store, they could leave it at least briefly to fetch some coupons. Alas, if these shoppers get distracted in the process, they might never return to your own website.

These are strong incentives for you to offer money-off vouchers through that website in the hope of keeping your customers with you at the virtual checkout.

Product availability filters 

The quickest way for anyone to get hold of a particular product can heavily depend on that person’s personal circumstances. For example, if you live in a major city, it could naturally be easier for you to obtain an iPhone by buying it in person rather than having that device delivered.

Hence the rationale for product availability filters, where visitors to your online store can sort listed products on the basis of whether they are available for, say, delivery or ‘in-store’ purchasing.

We have e-commerce website designers who would be able to implement product availability filters on your behalf if you deem the task too technical for you to undertake yourself.

Loyalty scheme 

It’s up to you exactly what a loyalty programme advertised on your website actually offers. However, the ultimate objective will be to incentivise people to make repeat purchases from your company.

Customers buying from you could, in the process, collect loyalty points redeemable on further purchases or even special rewards.

5 features worth adding to an online store as January sales kick off
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