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5 reasons to gather customer feedback through polls and surveys

How can you tell what your customers want from your company and its website? One simple answer is to ask them. No, don’t worry — this task doesn’t have to be as time-consuming and onerous as you are probably fearing.

You can rapidly garner responses from a large number of people simply by posting a poll or survey online.

It’s easy to start polls on social media sites, while members of our web design team can set up surveys on your website for you. However, what can you gain from taking any of these routes? You can…

Learn about your customers’ pain points 

Creating high amounts of dynamic content — from articles to videos — is a thoroughly tried-and-trusted method of piquing and keeping customers’ interest.

However, exactly what angles should you take with this content? What specific subjects should you address? The answers can be elusive unless you amass the kind of in-depth feedback that is possible with polls and surveys.

This feedback can provide you with valuable insights into what is troubling your customers — and thus what types of content would remedy their issues. 

Find out what drives how people use your website 

Thanks to platforms like Google Analytics, it’s already easy to see how visitors to your website use it. The various kinds of statistics you are able to speedily discern include which pages of that site attract the most hits as well as how often people tend to make repeat visits.

Still, until you start using polls and surveys, you could struggle to decipher why people are doing what they are doing on your website.

Identify gaps in your content library 

You might have already used your website to publish a lot of what you would class as useful, informative content — but exactly how well it ticks these boxes would depend on who consumes it. 

Imagine if, say, you ran an electronics repair shop. In this situation, you could too easily end up posting a lengthy string of articles about how to improve a device’s battery life but rather less about more obscure subjects, such as signs that a screen should be replaced.

Ascertain what makes your audience unique 

Of course, this is assuming that it is unique — but, well, it should be. While there could be a large amount of overlap between your audience and that of a competing business, your audience should still be unique to your company — since the latter, in itself, should be unique.

To get more to the point, it’s your range of products or services that should be unique — since you naturally need a USP (unique selling point) in order to effectively stand out from the crowd.

Foster a more fun relationship with your customers 

The polls and surveys you hold don’t always have to focus on serious subjects. You could inject some quirkiness into proceedings by asking about divisive but lighthearted subjects, like whether pineapple belongs on a pizza.

We can help you to make the most of polls as part of social media marketing campaigns.

5 reasons to gather customer feedback through polls and surveys

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