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5 signs your company might need a brand refresh

A business can be a very fluid thing, often rapidly changing its objectives and the products and services aimed at helping it to meet them. For this reason, you shouldn’t neglect to re-evaluate your company’s brand to check that it accurately reflects the current story being told internally.

Your company – and the marketplace in which it operates – could change so quickly that you easily lose sight of when the brand might need refreshing. However, here are some tell-tale signs…

Your products and services have changed significantly

Your branding should effectively represent and summarise the company as a whole. Therefore, that branding could fall into irrelevance if your products and services change to such an extent that you also shift your focus to markedly different customers.

You have to remember that the branding isn’t just window dressing. Crafted well, it can help you to closely align yourself with the customer groups to which you most want to reach out.

You need to keep in step with market tastes

Alternatively, the change might have happened not in your product and service offerings, but instead the target customers themselves. Their demands might have changed since you last tinkered with your brand – and a brand that remains static as the market changes risks looking outdated.

This isn’t strictly to warn against you considering a deliberately “retro” look, as marketing guru Tina Young acknowledges. However, there is a difference between a “retro” look and tired one.

Your competitors are becoming more “in”

You could be surprised by how quickly a business can fade into irrelevance once a rival has established a firmer hold in the same market. A good case in point highlighted on the Real Business site is that of confectionary seller Thorntons, which was recently outclassed by Hotel Chocolat in branding.

Hotel Chocolat changed the way customers saw premium chocolate, leaving Thorntons looking old fashioned. If your rivals’ branding looks slicker than yours, you need to remember to keep pace.

You have changed the main channel you sell through

If you usually offer products or services through bricks-and-mortar outlets but have recently decided to shift operations online instead, you shouldn’t overlook the need to rebrand accordingly.

This lesson was not heeded by video rental company Blockbuster when it made this kind of leap from the high street to the Internet. As a result, customers saw the familiar branding and were reminded of the failed in-store business model which Blockbuster had previously been using.

You are reaching out further across the globe

Perhaps your company has flourished so much in its home market that you have decided to pursue opportunities in overseas markets as well. However, you need to check that your branding will not violate cultural norms in those other markets.

At Webahead Internet, we can take this concern and many others into account when we create new branding for your company. To learn more about how we can do this with our graphic design services, you can call us on 01325 582112.

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