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5 social media ideas for small businesses

Running a small or local business can be very time consuming, and you may be struggling to find the time to perfect your online presence.

An online marketing strategy does take time to plan and implement, but if it is used well, it can be the make or break of your business.

At the beginning of 2017, Twitter had 328 million active users and taking advantage of this will help your company thrive.  The key to online success is posting regularly, so here are a few tips to get you started and get you active online.

Engage with customers

Social media is indeed a place to showcase what you do best, but this needs to be done in an exciting and engaging way. By engaging directly with customers, you will promote your business as friendly and customer-driven, while helping your company expand. Make sure to get people talking, so they will spread the word about your company.  This could be done by asking followers questions, giving tips or starting challenges, such as “how many responses can we get on this post?”. You could also use polls as these allow you to get customer feedback but in a fun and interactive way.

Share your customers’ posts

It is important that your customers are engaging with your posts, but also that you are engaging with theirs. If someone has posted about your business, make sure to share or retweet their post. This lets them, and other customers, know that you are interested in what they have to say.  Write back to them, thanking them for their post and engage with them personally.

Show you’re a real person

Make sure your social media is interesting and fun, something your customers will genuinely want to read. One way to do so is to showcase the people behind your business. Use live videos and show behind the scene footage of your business.  Prove your employees are real people and break down the barriers between your business and your customers.  You could also promote local events, demonstrating that you take an interest in your local area.

Make the most of all your platforms

Make sure you are using all your platforms in the best possible way for your business. Share posts across different platforms to make the most your online presence. For example, sharing someone’s Instagram post about you on Facebook will encourage your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram.  If you get a good review on one site, share it on another to increase awareness of all your different sites.

Show what you do best

Finally, make sure your social media reflects your business and is personal to you. Showcase your product or service in a fun and exciting way through words, photos or videos. Using a range of these keeps your viewers interested and will make your social media something your customers want to read.

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