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5 types of social media content your brand might not be using enough

It’s fair to say that the social media scene can change quickly; just think of such recent developments as the former Twitter’s well-documented decline, the arrival of Instagram Threads, and the prospect of a US TikTok ban that could adversely affect UK firms

Still, one thing that hasn’t significantly changed in ages is social media’s importance to the digital marketing landscape. Your brand might already be pretty active on social media, but you might not have realised that you can use it to post the following types of content…

Short-form video

Of course, in this context, exactly what constitutes ‘short’ depends on what is deemed ‘long’. However, any video you record for TikTok within its app can only be up to three minutes long. 

Meanwhile, clips posted to YouTube’s Shorts section, launched back in 2020, can only run for a maximum of 60 seconds. With this kind of brevity, you can capture the interest of especially busy target customers lacking the time or attention span to consume heftier audiovisual content. 

User-generated content (UGC)

This term might initially look somewhat technical. Rest easy, though: it essentially just refers to content about your brand but not made by your brand. 

Yes, UGC is something you can proactively encourage members of your established target audience to create. For example, if your company sells exotic drinks, you could invite your followers to post photos of themselves sipping these beverages in sunny settings, e.g. Hawaii and Spain. 

Don’t forget to mention a distinctive hashtag for these people to attach to their posts. That way, you should be able to sort through them more easily — and find ones especially worthy of sharing. 

Live streams

Since we have only just struck something of a holiday vibe, we might as well mention that live streams can work especially well for travel companies.

Think about it: if you want to enlighten your followers about practical benefits of visiting, say, London, Paris and Berlin, why not film yourself live in those places? Examples of platforms you can use for live-streaming purposes include YouTube and Instagram.


On social media, it’s easier to hold impromptu polls than you might have realised. Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit are all examples of social media sites with built-in polling functionality. 

You could try just asking some random, silly questions — like “which of these biscuits would you prefer to be” — to help drum up engagement. Alternatively, if you have a few product ideas you are weighing up, why not ask your social media audience to vote for their favourite? 


What is an infographic? It is basically an easy-to-digest visual representation of data that could otherwise come across as too bewildering. An infographic can comprise symbols, charts, diagrams and other imagery decorated with text that helps to convey the graphic’s overall meaning. 

Our graphic designers can make you some infographics suitable for weaving into a larger social media marketing campaign. To learn how we could even assist you with SEO and PPC advertising, get in touch by ringing 01325 582112.

5 types of social media content your brand might not be using enough
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