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5 ways to make your marketing more eco-friendly

Are you thinking about how to be greener? Many of your target customers could be thinking so. In a survey carried out by business consultancy Deloitte earlier this year, over a third of UK consumers said that, in the previous 12 months, they had chosen brands that have eco-friendly practices or values.

While your workforce might already take various eco-conscious actions behind the scenes, how can you publicly convey your company’s commitment to green concerns? Here are some things you could do.

Entrench yourself further into digital marketing channels

Yes, your brand might already be very active online, such as on its website and social media pages. However, attempts to portray your brand as green through these channels could still come across as somewhat hollow if, say, you continue to distribute lots of paper brochures or invest heavily in billboard advertising.

Therefore, you should look into how you could further digitise your marketing. Maybe you could abandon paper brochures for online ones – and explain that such changes are for the health of the planet.

Give your company logo a green overhaul

This could include not only literally putting the colour green into your logo but also adding flourishes that many people would naturally associate with eco-friendliness – like motifs of trees, leaves or flowers.

However, any touches like these you make should also be sensitive to your established brand image. If you are uncertain how you could ensure this, you could chat about the issue with our team of graphic designers, who know how to update an existing logo while keeping its fundamentals intact.

Use sustainable packing for your products

If you make and sell your own products online, then you will always have been able to use these products’ packaging as a marketing tool in itself. After all, your logo and branding colours are probably already prominently displayed on it.

However, eco-conscious customers will be quick to notice if that packaging isn’t sustainable. You could move to make all of this packaging compostable or biodegradable – taking inspiration from babywear company Bibevie founder Rhian Thompson, who has done this for gift wrap, postage bags and leaflets.

Encourage your customers to recycle 

This can be especially important if it isn’t practically possible for you to entirely relinquish using paper for marketing purposes. For example, if posting paper leaflets through people’s doors is still an effective marketing method for you, why not include details on the leaflets about how the recipients could recycle them?

Give customers an insight into your green measures

As somewhat acknowledged earlier, your employees are probably already doing many eco-friendly things that your customers – current, past and potential – never see. Well, that doesn’t strictly have to remain the case for much longer…

Perhaps you could ask us to write a series of blog posts about how your workers are routinely using recycling bins in the office or supporting green initiatives in the local community? Give us a ring on 01325 582112 to learn more about how we could publicise your workforce’s green drive.

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