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6 Things Your Graphic Designer Does so you Get the Best

Graphic design is one of those professions that combines creativity and technical skill. Not only does the designer need a good eye for visual design and aesthetics, but they also need an in-depth knowledge of some very technical programmes, that frankly us laymen would find baffling and complicated. 

Essentially, what they do is use images, colours, fonts and layouts to give you the exact messages you want to share with your audience – all without using words. 

You’ll find that many graphic designers have a degree in either graphic design itself or a similar subject like fine art or product design, etc. However, some are specialists in a particular area and some are self-taught.

But, whichever way they enter the industry, that’s not the end of the story, much like web design, graphic design requires a mindset of constant growth and development to make sure the end result is always the very best and latest in design trends. 

So, what do they do to make sure you get the very best? 

1. Build their skills

They’re constantly re-evaluating their design skills and aiming to improve and grow them: by working to gain deeper more advanced skills, through learning new software, keeping up with trends and future proofing themselves for developments to come.

2. Follow trends

Part of the job of a graphic designer is to look at current trends. Much the same as the fashion industry changes all the time, design preferences and ideas change constantly. And, this is important for you, as what trends are happening will affect how your audience reacts to your graphic branding, so it’s important they keep up to date with what’s happening in the wider industry, so you can then benefit from this.

3. Read new design books 

Alongside this, they’re also constantly looking at new design book releases and keeping up with current research in their field, so they’re able to pass on any important new developments to you. 

4. Follow a brief

When you ask your graphic designer to create your logo, colour branding or marketing material, they will follow the brief you give and use their experience and knowledge of trends, design and theory to create something that represents what your customers want to see. The solutions they give you are never just random ideas, but carefully thought out and selected shapes, colours and ideas based on your industry, your requirements and the best designs that will help you sell your services and products. But, like everything, the better brief you give the better job they can do for you. 

5. Give value

Your designer is more than just the person who creates a pretty logo that looks good in the corner of your site. It’s the value this particular design will give your business and the customers who visit your site and see your marketing material. What your designer gives you is the start of your branding journey and offers the best from their years of experience and knowledge, all aiming to give you the design that will attract the customers you want.

6. Attract your customers

Ultimately, good design is about giving your business the tools to attract the customers it needs to grow and develop. And, good design can do exactly this, which is why it’s not just about creating something pretty that looks good on your site, it’s about using the knowledge, skills and experience they’ve gained to give you something that works. 

If you’d like a team of specialist designers to help you, take a look at our design page and see if we can help.

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