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A quick guide to getting your Google My Business images right

No one should doubt the power that images can have in the selling of products and services online. One study, for instance, found that 60% of consumers said good images in local search results captured their attention and pushed them towards a decision.

This has long led digital marketing companies like ours to advise their clients to invest significantly in the quality and originality of their brand images. But have you paid so much attention to the images on your website that you’ve ended up overlooking your firm’s Google My Business listing?

A key frontier for attracting the eyes of new customers online

If you perform a Google search for your company right now, you’re likely to see a Google My Business listing appear for your firm on the right-hand side of the search engine results page (SERP).

This listing is likely to include key details about the company, including its name, physical address, opening hours and telephone number. But if the only actual image you see accompanying that information is an unflattering image of the street outside your business, or something else that isn’t very reflective of what your company offers, it might be time to add a few better ones.

What does Google advise about photos for your listing?

There are several types of image that Google suggests company owners add to their Google My Business listing. Those include the company’s logo, which can be key to getting viewers to recognise your business both now and in the future, as well as a cover photo at the top of the profile, and additional photos to highlight other aspects of your firm to increase potential interest from customers.

It’s easy to add photos to your company’s Google My Business listing. You simply need to sign into Google My Business, select the specific business location you would like to manage, click ‘Photos’ in the left-hand menu, click the ‘Post’ option in the top right corner, and then choose which of the aforementioned types of photo you would like to add.

Then, you will be able to upload some actual images from your computer. Google sets various guidelines for Google My Business photos, including that they should be in JPG or PNG format, between 10 KB and 5 MB in size, and about 720 pixels tall and 720 pixels wide.

On that latter point, Google suggests you shouldn’t upload images with any lower a resolution than 250 pixels tall and 250 pixels wide. As for an upper limit, we’d suggest you resize any especially large images to no more than 1,000 by 1,000 pixels.

Do your photos present a flattering picture of your company?

Touching on how we opened this blog article, it’s one thing to get the technical details right, and another thing to ensure your uploaded images actually influence your target customers to use your services.

This makes it vital to avoid using stock photos that won’t help to show what makes your business uniquely appealing. Instead, make sure you upload a range of images that accurately depict what it’s really like to purchase products or services from your firm.

That might mean adding exterior photos, for instance, which will help customers to recognise your business premises as they physically approach it. Interior images might also be relevant for giving a feel of what it’s like to stand inside your business as a customer, whether your company is a restaurant, art gallery or a business-to-business (B2B) firm that welcomes visits from clients.

Photos of specific products your company offers, members of your team providing their services to customers, and even images of the wider team together could all also be helpful for getting your prospective buyer to actually envisage availing themselves of your services.

Then, there are the sector-specific image types that we would hope go without saying – images of your cuisine if your firm is an eatery, for example, or of your rooms if your company is a hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast establishment.

We’ll enable you to achieve truly well-rounded SEO

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your business’s digital marketing and search engine optimisation – so don’t take any chances. Instead, get in touch with the Webahead Internet team to take advantage of any of our wide range of packages.

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