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Chain reaction: 5 common link building mistakes

When people are looking for a particular type of business or website, they want social proof. They want to know that other people have given this same company or site a go and come away impressed as a result. The social proof can evidence itself in the form of backlinks.

A backlink is basically a clickable link that points from one website back to another one. Through amassing backlinks directed towards your own site, you can make it more visible in Google search results. However, check that you aren’t succumbing to the following blunders…

Not acting proactively to source links

The problem with this nonchalant approach is that many other companies — including some in direct competition with yours — will have already pounced on the opportunity to seek and acquire backlinks for their websites. 

These businesses could be working hard to preserve their advantage, too — meaning that, if you don’t hurry to join the link building race, you could too easily get crowded out.

Thinking that ‘if you build it, they will come’ 

If you have so far made little effort to actively build links, it could be out of a belief that links don’t strictly need to be built in this manual manner. In other words, you might be convinced that your website is bound to just garner backlinks naturally over time.

Again, here, it is worth emphasising that many of your competitors could be thinking very differently. Hence, by neglecting link building, you could be leaving great promotional rewards on the table.

Failing to scratch someone else’s back first

You probably don’t need to be told that buying backlinks is a very bad idea. This is an unethical SEO practice that can see your site heavily penalised by Google.

You want to instead forge links in a more organic fashion — and you can do that by proving a genuine help to other webmasters and so incentivising them to link to your website.

Perhaps you could hand influencers free products for them to review, or make guest appearances on podcasts relevant to your target audience?

Pursuing a scattergun strategy  

Online, there’s no shortage of articles claiming to offer useful advice on how to build links effectively. You could therefore be tempted to soak up and apply as much of that advice as possible.

Yes, how could it possibly fail? Except that, well, it actually could. That’s because, in trying too many link building tactics at once, you would risk neglecting to give yourself enough time to utilise any of them to the required standard.

Attempting to do much in little time 

Given the warning we have just made about following certain pieces of advice, it might initially seem ironic of us to recommend that you seek specialist assistance from an SEO expert.

However, someone who is genuinely experienced at helping clients with their link building efforts will know how you can get yours right. Why not consult Webahead Internet for guidance on how to build a link profile in a way that gets results?

4 link building mistakes you could too easily be making
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