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Get a treat out of your tweet: tips for making the most of Twitter

Even if you’ve integrated Twitter usage into your company’s social media marketing campaigns, you could be making the mistake of treating the micro-blogging site much the same way as other social media portals like Facebook and Instagram, perhaps through simply posting a stream of links.

However, it pays to specially optimise your Twitter marketing strategy, as this particular social network could, in a way, actually be the most truly “social” of them all.

Carefully select your handle and profile image

What are your objectives with Twitter? Perhaps you want to essentially make yourself the brand; some executives, like John Legere of T-Mobile’s US arm, have become Twitter stars in their own right. Alternatively, you could extend your company’s branding by putting it first and foremost.

Therefore, if you will be tweeting as yourself, make your professional name your Twitter handle and choose a clean headshot for the avatar. For a company-focused account, on the other hand, go with a corporate logo as your profile image and keep the handle as to-the-point as possible.

Take an active hand in Twitter conversations

While it’s possible to automate some of your tweeting, such as with scheduled posts, going too far down this route could prevent you from forging authentic conversations and, consequently, authentic connections with not only customers but also industry leaders.

Feel free to join conversations on “in” subjects, using relevant hashtags along the way – but remember to contribute thoughtful advice rather than merely plug your product repeatedly.

Intensify your Twitter usage as major events unfold

Twitter tends to come into its own as crucial happenings are unfolding – think sports events, political debates and product launches. Twitter has reported a study finding that, during live events, Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads when it comes to stimulating mental engagement.

If you are set to attend a trade show or industry event in person, then live tweet from it – this can prove a great way of impressing influencers and turning them into new contacts.

Don’t fall down Twitter’s time-sucking black hole

As many casual users of Twitter will be able to attest, the social media site can drain time if not used with precision. Therefore, be careful only to follow accounts that you reckon could help you to meet your marketing aims. You could even curate lists of Twitter users especially suitable for this purpose.

You could also set aside specific times to check in and then log out of Twitter, a potentially great way to prevent yourself from getting overly distracted by ultimately unhelpful notifications or articles.

Assign dedicated staff to handle your Twitter account

If you want to turn your Twitter account into a customer service channel, you will need staff who can keep on top of it. Choose people who can interact with other Twitter users in real-time; you could even ask us to help you with your ongoing social media marketing strategy. Phoning Webahead Internet on 01325 582112 can enable you to learn exactly how.

Get a treat out of your tweet: tips for making the most of Twitter

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