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How to resolve these 5 common headaches of digital marketing

These days, trying to get the word out about your business just by handing out business cards, putting up posters and posting leaflets through people’s letterboxes can feel more than a little archaic. That’s why you need to get yourself up to speed with digital marketing — but there’s a catch…

Actually, there can be quite a few catches — especially if you are relatively new to engaging in online marketing. So, here are five common errors of digital marketing and how you could overcome them.

Struggling to ascertain how successful a campaign was 

It’s easy to be a bit too abstract when trying to decide what goals to aim for with your marketing. As a general rule, before you launch a digital marketing campaign, you should set a goal that would allow you to numerically measure your progress.

That goal could be as simple as increasing the number of views your videos attract or as ambitious as doubling your annual turnover. Just make sure you can quantitatively measure your results!

Feeling hamstrung by a relatively low budget 

Here, the real problem is likely to be your expectations rather than the budget itself. Your company might not be able to easily help having a small budget for marketing — especially if the firm in question is little-established.

Hence, if you have a somewhat scarce pool of money to play with, you should make clear to your boss what they can realistically expect to achieve from allocating this particular amount of money to digital marketing.

Failing to keep track of updates to Google’s algorithm 

Oh, Google, you pesky thing. Just as we have gotten used to you and what seems to push your buttons in the SEO stakes, you go and change everything — and, by ‘everything’, we specifically mean the algorithm you use to decide what webpages should be listed in searches for given terms.

As for you, the reader of this article, it would be worth your while if you keep yourself up to date on what Google has been doing with its algorithm, lest your website’s online visibility potentially plummet.

Trying to take on too much at once 

The phrase ‘digital marketing’ is an umbrella term covering many different aspects of online marketing — including copywriting, SEO, social media and PPC advertising.

The good news, though, is that you could always offload some of these responsibilities to a company that specialises in handling clients’ digital marketing campaigns. If you nonetheless seem naturally adept at certain aspects of digital marketing, you could continue taking care of those yourself to help save money.

Not knowing what step to take next 

Sometimes, in your digital marketing journey, you could find yourself feeling utterly flummoxed — whether you are struggling to master basics or already successful but can’t quite figure out how to build on or at least preserve your gains.

In situations like these, don’t be afraid to contact our digital marketing specialists for guidance. Metaphorically, we could prove ourselves to be the paracetamol for your digital marketing headache.

How to resolve these 5 common headaches of digital marketing
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