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How to write titles that will help your blog posts to attract attention

Choosing a title for each new article you add to your blog can feel like a delicate art. On the one hand, you don’t want to mislead people about the blog post’s content, as doing so could provoke a backlash that damages people’s trust in your site and, by extension, the brand it is supposed to represent.

All the same, you want the title to make people want to click through to read the full piece. Here are some quick tips for crafting eye-catching titles.

Make the title snappy and memorable

In other words, make it catchy. This can prove imperative when you consider that your blog post could be vying for attention from people who just glimpse the title in a sea of many other titles on a Google search page. Hence, you should aim for a title that seems unique… in a good way.

If you’re struggling to decide how to do that, other blog post titles could serve as good sources of inspiration.

Be as specific as possible

Naturally, you can only be so specific when there are only so many words you can include in the title before it starts to look unwieldy – and ends up being partially obscured on search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, your title should still get to the heart of what your blog post is about. One good idea is to include a number if this would be appropriate. For example, if the article lists eight nuggets of wisdom for tidying up a home, you could opt for a title like “8 tips for getting your home spick and span”.

Choose your words carefully

Admittedly, selecting the “right” words for an article title can be much easier said than done – especially if you aren’t an experienced writer. In any case, though, it would be wise to look over the titles of your previous blog posts to make sure the same words aren’t cropping up too often.

If you can’t figure out how to avoid using a particular word that already seems overused in your blog, you could consult a dictionary or thesaurus to find synonyms for that word.

Avoid writing “clickbait” titles

The word “clickbait” refers to titles that come across as deliberately deceptive in a bid to attract clicks. So, while you will obviously want to grab attention with your title, you should still make sure the blog content will deliver what the title actually promises.

That way, people who click through to the main content will feel satisfied that they have got what they came for – and possibly be more inclined to revisit your blog in search of more, similarly satisfying content.

Don’t be afraid to seek a little help

If you keep finding yourself running out of good ideas for titles, you could ask our team of talented copywriters to generate new titles on your behalf. These writers could even pen entire blog posts for you – just phone 01325 582112 or email for more information about how this could work in practice.

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