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How your brand can build a formidable presence on Instagram

The image-sharing social network service Instagram has soared in user growth in recent years, having only just crossed the threshold of over two billion monthly users. That compares to the figure of a billion disclosed less than four years ago by Instagram’s parent company, now known as Meta.

Furthermore, roughly a third of Instagram users are aged between 25 and 35 years, making the platform especially appealing for marketers to leverage. Here are several strategies your brand could follow to raise its own profile on Instagram.

Post images that cast your company’s offerings in the best possible light

According to Instagram itself, 70% of shoppers consult the platform when deciding on their next purchase. So, the products you do show on Instagram naturally need to look good.

One good idea would be to show people actually using these products; for example, a runner wearing a fitness band you offer, or an executive typing on a laptop you stock. You could opt for images that look more abstract than this if you primarily offer services rather than products.

Front-load your captions

While the image could be what first draws someone to an Instagram post, the attached caption could be what keeps them there long enough to decide to buy something from your company.

In an Instagram user’s newsfeed, your post’s caption won’t be any longer than about three lines. Hence, if your caption will need to be lengthier than this in total, you should make sure you front-load it, such as by opening it with a question or an eye-catching statement.

Include a clear and compelling call to action in each post

This call to action, whether you put it in the image or the attached caption, should ask the reader to do something very specific – as, otherwise, your conversion rate from the post could too easily suffer.

Some examples of things you could ask the reader to do include clicking a particular link, tagging a friend – since this could help draw your brand to the notice of people who may never have previously considered it – and leaving their own comment or photo.

Share some pearls of wisdom

Yes, there’s only so much information you actually have room to share in an Instagram post – but this information doesn’t necessarily have to be extensive in order to be useful. In fact, the brevity of an Instagram post can make people more inclined to consume it.

So, perhaps you could scatter a few fun facts, statistics and tips across several of your brand’s Instagram posts – and provide links to some longer-form content.

Let your brand’s personality shine through

It would be well-recommended for your brand to adopt a distinctive tone of voice and then use it across all of the brand’s marketing channels – including its website and any other social media sites you use, or would use, in addition to Instagram. 

For further pointers on how you could effectively do all of this, please get in touch with our Darlington-based team of digital marketing experts.  

How your brand can build a formidable presence on Instagram

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