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How your business can create and distribute its own e-book

No, don’t worry if you haven’t yet added the finishing touches to that novel you have been working on for years. The e-book format doesn’t have to be of interest just to people who aspire to have bestselling fiction under their belts.

Electronic books — as e-books are less commonly known — can also be effectively used by businesses looking to demonstrate their specialist expertise. Here’s how you can bring disparate elements of a corporate e-book together into a harmonious whole.

Know your target market 

You can’t expect anyone to buy from your company unless you first show them how you would be able to help them. Better still, you could actually help them, to some extent, for free — and, in this way, hopefully convert a prospect into a sale. 

To this end, you could regularly post pieces of industry-relevant advice to social media — and, here, interact with followers in a bid to discern their pain points. What you learn could inform your choice of subject for the e-book. 

Draw up an outline of the e-book’s intended content 

Failing to meticulously plan what your e-book will include and when would risk you pouring too much repetitive or irrelevant information into it. 

Before you begin writing the e-book’s content in earnest, it would be wise for you to create a framework where you detail what each of the book’s chapters will include.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in some messy brainstorming if you are struggling to figure out what topics and subtopics your e-book ought to cover.

Write the e-book 

The above-mentioned outline can be seen as your e-book’s ‘mould’ — but you would still need a ‘mixture’, so to speak, to pour into it. 

Nonetheless, you don’t have to entirely create that mixture — or, if we are going to drop the cookery analogy for a moment, write the book’s title, chapter titles, body copy and conclusion — yourself. You could ask Webahead copywriters to craft much of that text content on your behalf.

Make the e-book appealing in design  

Design is an oft-underrated element. The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once commented: “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Hence, you shouldn’t fret if you aren’t sure how you would design your e-book yourself, as designing something well requires specialist expertise.

Comfortingly, our team includes graphic designers capable of giving your e-book an attractive cover as well as a colour scheme that hits the right place on the simplicity scale.

Select a publishing platform for your e-book  

Once your e-book’s design has been finalised, you can arrange for a publishing platform to convert the e-book into a format — such as PDF — readable by a wide range of devices. 

There are many different e-book publishing platforms you can choose from — including Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Kobo Writing Life, both of which allow writers to collect royalties of up to 70%. However, you might be happy not to charge for your e-book at all.

How your business can create and distribute its own e-book

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