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Is your Twitter presence up to scratch? Here’s how to check

Twitter: it’s been there breaking news with enviable efficiency for over a decade now. It’s reported about presidential inaugurations, disease outbreaks and political crises in real time, allowing millions of people around the world to read news of major events within seconds of them occurring.

This immediacy of the platform unsurprisingly lends itself well to product announcements and high-quality customer service. However, is your particular company doing all of this right on the social media platform that Jack Dorsey built?

Tweak your Twitter bio as necessary to keep it relevant

Each Twitter account page comes with a small section in which the account holder can succinctly pen what exactly they are about. Therefore, you should make sure this little strip of text on your company’s page captures the brand’s personality, achievements and vision.

Before you make any changes here, though, use Google’s Campaign URL Builder to create a UTM code before inserting it into the bio, letting you more easily track engagement and conversions.

Review where you should spend your time and money

Both time and money are finite resources, so you don’t want to haemorrhage them. However, you could end up inadvertently doing exactly that if you don’t yank both from endeavours that aren’t building a consistently engaged audience for your Twitter content month after month.

If you are mulling over pouring money into Twitter-based PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, for example, we can guide you on how you should craft those PPC ads for maximum effect.

Be careful what you include in your tweets

The spontaneity of Twitter makes it an unfortunately easy place to drop PR clangers from time to time, as many brands have found to their peril. Nonetheless, you should prime yourself to pounce on opportunities as the Twitter-sphere presents them.

Remember to reply to tweets in which your firm is tagged, as 77% of Twitter users think more positively of brands who follow this strategy. Meanwhile, 60% of users anticipate brands tweeting back to customer-service requests within an hour.

Don’t overlook Twitter’s built-in analytics dashboard

Yes, Twitter does have one – and it doesn’t necessarily just skim the surface of your Twitter performance. This dashboard provides an informative overview of ads and campaigns you are currently running on the platform, with detailed monthly or quarterly reports available.

Metrics included in these onboard analytics include the numbers of tweets, tweet impressions, mentions and followers as well as visits to your Twitter profile.

Still, don’t just rely on Twitter’s own audit tools

Much like you probably wouldn’t have complete faith in the antimalware software Microsoft bundles as standard with Windows, so you perhaps shouldn’t just build your Twitter campaigns around what Twitter itself tells you. Fortunately, plenty of third-party Twitter auditing tools abound.

Those include FollowerAudit, Social Bearing and SparkToro. Feeling daunted? Just call our social media gurus on 01325 582112 – and, with our help, you can adapt your Twitter auditing to the advanced level necessary for especially effective marketing campaigns on the platform.

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