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Keep it symbol: how your logo should sum up your brand

What is a logo? You’ve probably never stopped to seriously ask yourself the question, but it’s one worth answering, as your company’s own logo will be highly influential in brand recognition. That’s especially important if your business is still small and so yearns to get noticed.

However, designing the right logo is a delicate art, whether you attempt to do it yourself or hand the responsibility over to a professional. Here are the most crucial ingredients that your logo needs.

Show colours that accurately reflect your brand

What is your brand about? What does it promise to its customers? You must think of questions like these as you select the colours for your logo, not least as multiple colours within the same logo need to work in harmony.

So, green is an obvious choice for eco-conscious companies, while blue and yellow work well if you’re a travel firm offering holidays full of skies and beaches of those respective colours. However, you should probably, where possible, stick to colours that sit adjacent – or close to it – on the spectrum.

Consider, for example, opting for multiple hues of blue if you’re thinking about that colour, or mixing and matching yellow with the likes of orange and red.

Look good across a wide range of formats

Colours play a part here, too, as some may not look nearly as good in greyscale as they do in full colour. However, you can’t always be certain exactly if or when your logo will need reproducing in black and white – and, another important point, about the size in which it will be reproduced.

That logo might need significantly shrinking down for inclusion on business cards and pens to be handed out at networking events. Conversely, it might need ballooning to look just right on a large billboard advert or banner. You don’t want your logo to lose something vital in the size change.

Be truly original and free of unhelpful clichés

It’s understandable to want to use various well-known, iconic logos as a reference point for your own graphic creation. However, you must be careful not to inadvertently tip into simply copying or rehashing too many elements of another company’s design. 

Besides, giving certain familiar elements a wide berth could help you to steer away from cliché, too. Giving, say, a globe or jigsaw pieces prominent placing in your logo risks you looking lazy and unimaginative, associations you really don’t want staining your company.

Be easy to recognise and linger in the memory

All the same, you don’t want to try so hard to make your logo unique that it ends up looking overly complex or elaborate. After all, the simplicity of famous logos has helped to make them exactly that – famous. Think the simple “swoosh” of the Nike logo or the “apple” of… yes, Apple.

It’s a tricky balance to strike, hence why you could benefit from tasking our skilled graphic design team with striking it for you. The number to call is 01325 582112.

Keep it symbol how your logo should sum up your brand
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