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Little things that can go a surprisingly long way in web design

Naturally, you want to use your website to sell your products or services, but many visitors could scarcely even see what’s on offer, let alone buy it, if that website quickly repels them. This can too easily happen if you fall to a few rookie mistakes in how that site is designed.

With research having shown that about eight out of ten visitors will quickly leave a website if first impressions are poor, now’s the time to wipe away lingering slapdash touches in your web design.

White space

Have you ever loaded a particular webpage only to be confronted by a massive block of unbroken text? Yes, we used “confronted” for a good reason there, as such text does look intimidating – more like a stuffy academic essay, perhaps, than a friendly and inviting portal to exciting things.

Hence, you ought to strategically place blank space – or, as it is commonly called, “white space” – between paragraphs, images and other elements, though not so much that the site looks unfinished.

Consistently-designed pages

Which fonts will you select for headings and main text, and will there be noticeable differences? Which colour schemes and illustration styles will you adopt, and how will those affect the site’s overall look? Whatever your selections here, they must all match across different webpages.

Otherwise, your visitors could be left feeling lost and confused as they explore different parts of your site. You don’t want those people to forget what site they are actually viewing!


We might not always be upfront about it, but many of us would opt to watch the film version of a story rather than read the book – such is the power of imagery. Moving imagery can pack an especially powerful punch, though you should remember to use it sparingly on your website.

This is where the mantra of “quality over quantity” strongly applies – so, when choosing from the many different animation methods available, consider what would work well for your specific site.

A “meet the team” page

You might have held off listing every single member of the team on your site, perhaps because there are few to list and so you could give the impression of being a small, short-established company.

However, such secrecy could be counter-productive, as “small” is relative anyway – and, besides, that size could help you to make clients feel more valued. It would be harder for a large firm with hundreds of clients already to do the same, so a little modesty can prove an unexpected strength.

Responsive web design

Not only are mobile devices here to stay, they are becoming more diverse in their screen sizes. How are you supposed to optimise your site specially for, say, the 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch screen sizes of the latest iPhones? Well, it wouldn’t be necessary if you have a responsive web design.

Phone Webahead Internet on 01325 582112 to learn more about this automatically-rearranging form of web design and how we can seamlessly implement it for you.

Little things that can go a surprisingly long way in web design
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