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On the Google Maps: how to get your business there if it isn’t already

It’s one thing to track down a company’s name and address, but how do you use those details to find that company’s office or outlet on the street? Probably your go-to approach is fishing out a smartphone showing Google Maps, which has over a billion monthly active users.

With 98% of the world’s population covered, Google Maps is unlikely not to feature your own business. Still, a shot of your office on Street View isn’t the same as ranking well on Maps.

Does your firm have a Google My Business listing?

You can find out by searching for your business on Google. If there’s a blank space on the screen’s right-hand side, where a Google My Business listing would otherwise be, you need to set that listing up. If a listing is already there, you need to claim it through Google My Business.

Once the listing is yours, fill it out with such details as the company’s hours, address and phone numbers. You can also add images and videos to make the listing more eye-catching.

Keep your business details consistent

No, not just on its Google My Business listing – right across all of the online directories where your company is listed. This diligence needs to extend right down to the spelling; if your business is located on Front Street, for example, make sure none of the listings put it as “Front St”.

Such consistency pushes the right buttons of Google’s local algorithms, increasing the chances that your firm is prominently displayed when someone searches Google for a business like yours.

Don’t overlook the appeal of Google Posts

“Google Posts? What are they?” It’s easy to just see them as a nice, optional extra – but, actually, integrating these with your business profile unlocks opportunities to excite Google Maps users.

Though each post will only stay on that profile for seven days, you can include text, photo or video content to advertise new developments. Perhaps, say, you have just started stocking a new product or are running a special offer valid only for a short space of time. 

Optimise your company’s website, too

Google won’t deem that website entirely separate to the firm’s Maps listing in the search ranking equation. One big reason why is that Google understandably deems your website a reliable point of reference for checking your firm’s contact details and so assessing its credibility.

Therefore, make sure this website shows the same details – including the company’s exact name – as your company’s online listings elsewhere.

Encourage your customers or clients to post reviews on Google

Those reviews, too, will appear on the Google Maps listing. Therefore, after a customer or client has had a positive interaction with your company, make sure you reach out to those people, express your gratitude for their support and invite them to review your business favourably on Google.

These are several crucial slices of the Google Maps pie – but, with help from our SEO experts, you can take your company’s prominence on Maps even further.

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