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The importance of using visual content on social media

You might have noticed that visual content has really taken off on social media in the past year. In fact, Facebook even filters posts to prioritise content that includes an image and especially content which includes a video. Social media is all about spreading awareness of your brand and promoting products and services, while also enhancing your followers’ experience on social media by creating content of interest. Visual content allows you to do this in an engaging and exciting way.

The importance of using graphics

Graphics are a particularly useful way of creating engaging content on social media. This is because they combine photos with text. Adding a photo alone to your post is often not enough as people are drawn to the image but do not immediately understand the message you are trying to portray, they may move on. By combining image and text, you will capture the attention of your followers, and they will know exactly what your post is about thanks to the short, snappy text that overlays your image.

There are a number of sites you can use to create really effective graphics. Canva and Pablo, in particular, are really useful sites to use. Canva allows you to upload your own images or to use stock images. They also provide a range of templates for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, posters and more. Pablo works similarly on a smaller scale, and its more limited selection can often work in your favour as sometimes you can get lost scrolling through all the options on Canva! Pablo allows you to make one graphic and save it in the right size for various social platforms.

Create a consistent brand image

If you don’t have any of your own photos, Pexels, Pixabay and Dreamstime all provide a good range of high-quality stock images you can use. When making the graphics try to create a consistent brand image. Use the same fonts, styles and include your brand logo. You can use a site called to find exact colour matches, if you want to, for example, replicate the colours in your logo and use these in the text you are overlaying on your image. It is good to create a range of graphics for social media, but if you are creating a series of videos on YouTube try using the same graphics and simply change the image or the text. This way, when viewers are watching a video, they will easily locate another video from the same series in the sidebar.

How to create simple videos

Videos are also a great way of creating engaging visual content for your viewers. Keep in mind that people go to YouTube for the purpose of watching videos, but they don’t go on Facebook or Twitter for this purpose. This means it is often more beneficial to create shorter videos on these sites. You could even create trailer style videos with a link to the main video on your YouTube channel. Once you are more confident filming and posting videos on social media, you might even consider filming live videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There are a number of sites you can use to film and edit videos on without needing a professional editing team. Ezvid allows you to film your computer screen, which can be useful for giving a tour of your new website, and you can overlay speech. iMovie and Inshot are both useful apps for editing videos, and it is even possible to create simple but effective videos on PowerPoint!


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