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Tips for making sure your online event goes as well as it can

In the COVID age, music gigs and theatre shows are hardly the only in-person events which have had to be cancelled or readjusted with social distancing in mind; many events that businesses often rely on, like trade shows, product launches and training sessions, have been similarly put on ice.

Thankfully, though, many firms have realised that they don’t necessarily have to abandon holding such events. Instead, they can just hold them online while heeding these tips…

Advertise your event to encourage a higher attendance rate

It’s tempting to think that, since online events are accessible to participants wherever they are in the world, you can look forward to relatively high attendance figures.  Sadly, though, many people register for online events without going to them, as they know they will get a video recap anyway.

Hence, you should market your event extensively through your mailing list, including sending at least one reminder email as the event’s date and time near.

Make sure your event will directly engage its audience

There are certain elements of a live event that simply can’t be replicated in a video recap. Those include networking opportunities and one-on-one sessions with experts. Therefore, you could not only include such elements in your event but also advertise that they will be there.

You could even allow – and, indeed, encourage – registrants to book individual sessions, enabling these people to essentially tailor the event programme to suit their own preferences.

Thoroughly plan your event’s schedule in advance

Once you’ve signed up an array of willing guests for your online-based live event, you don’t want to end up trailing off in the front of them at the event itself. Unfortunately, though, that can too easily happen if you fail to account for exactly what you will do and say at the event and when.

Just in case certain portions of the event are finished off sooner than you had expected, make sure you keep various backup plans and activities, like audience discussions and polls, up your sleeve.

If it’s a reoccurring event, watch out for the “drop off” points

Those are the points of the event where your audience’s interest seems to flag – as evidenced by, say, certain guests suddenly becoming a lot more active on Twitter while the event is still underway.

Fortunately, though, if you will be restaging the same event later, you could be careful to, the second time around, plug those “drop off” points with more engagement. 

Don’t skimp the details when describing what the event will involve

Many people you are targeting with your event probably aren’t too accustomed to attending online, rather than in-person, events. As online attendance could, for example, require these people to use software they have never used before, you can’t afford to let confusion set in.

Our team can dedicate an entire SEO marketing campaign to your event, such as by addressing particulars of this event through a series of blog posts and answering questions posted to your social media pages. Here’s to a great event.

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