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Why AI-generated content is no match for human-written SEO copy

Should we really fear a Terminator-style future where the robots rise in an attempt to take over the world? Frankly, the last few years have felt apocalyptic enough without any automatons’ help — and, when it comes to mastering SEO at least, it looks like they are still far from replacing humans.

Over time, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken an increasing number of mundane tasks — from logistics to preparing fast food — off humans’ hands. You might also have seen a few startups pledging to provide companies with AI-generated SEO copywriting — but here’s why you probably shouldn’t trust it right now.

Who should you deem the ultimate authority on SEO matters?

It would be fair to consider John Mueller — Google’s Search Advocate — a strong candidate. On Twitter, blogger Meer Basit recently brought up the subject of webmasters buying and using AI-based content creation tools in their own bids for SEO success — but Basit had a very important question for Mueller.

Basit directly asked the Google executive via Twitter: “Isn’t Google AI smart enough to identify copied/rephrased content?” In response, Mueller likened these tools to other means of automatic content creation that have been around since the onset of the web itself.

Mueller added: “As far as I can tell, most sites have trouble creating higher-quality content, they don’t need help creating low-quality content.” He accompanied these words with a GIF of a mechanical apparatus repeatedly pushing a mannequin head onto a keyboard. 

Mueller also later popped up in a Reddit conversation to chip in with his own answer to the question: “Are AI content writers good for creating blog posts or product review posts?” It was a very short and to-the-point answer, too: “nope”.

What could the future hold for AI-produced SEO copy?

Of course, the fact that, right now, AI systems apparently can’t produce SEO copy quite to the same standard as human copywriters doesn’t mean they will never be able to overcome this particular hindrance.

Only last year, Mueller implied that, one day, Google might not be able to tell, just from analysing a body of web text, whether a human or AI content generation tool was responsible for it.

In any case, though, it looks like it could still be quite a while, if ever, before computer systems start threatening human copywriters’ jobs. Indeed, some forms of machine-made web content are technically still against Google’s own guidelines.

For this reason, whether you would like to publish, say, web copy, an article, a blog post or a social media status update for SEO purposes, you should still think about getting in touch with a digital marketing company that has its own team of flesh-and-blood copywriters.

Webahead Internet is exactly that kind of company — and we know how crucial it is for brands to prioritise SEO copywriting of a high quality. We integrate SEO copywriting services with web marketing packages also covering such marketing strategies as link building and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising in order to help get our clients firing on all cylinders.

Why AI-generated content is no match for human-written SEO copy
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