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Why should you consider adding product videos to your ecommerce website?

One of the most exciting aspects of shopping at a brick-and-mortar – rather than online – retail store is being able to see a product in action before buying it. You could, say, see a demonstration held by a member of staff, or get your own chance to cradle the product, like an iPhone at an Apple shop. 

While such experiences would be harder for you to offer customers of your online store, you can still go some way towards doing so by filming product videos to post on several of its webpages. 

Why use a product video rather than just a product description?

Product descriptions can serve various useful purposes, especially when it comes to SEO. Still, you could struggle to describe certain aspects of a product through words alone. That’s when a video of the product could make a vital difference – especially as video content can foster stronger engagement in itself.

While written descriptions can be good for listing product specifications and making sure you get more of the right keywords into your web copy, videos come into their own when you want to show rather than simply tell. There are just some examples of how you can show…

With video, it’s easier to draw comparisons 

We can probably all recall examples of paper towel adverts where the brands try to convey how much stronger and more absorbent their paper towels are compared to their competition’s. You can do a similar thing with your product videos, even if you don’t stock any kind of cleaning supplies. 

This type of video is well-suited to situations where you can film your product and a competing company’s attempting to do the same thing alongside each other. For example, you might offer a fitness band and want to clearly depict its ability to kick into action more quickly than a rival band. 

A video can almost act like an online instruction manual 

Nobody wants to spend big on a product they will struggle to use. That’s why you could reassure many of your customers by posting a “how-to” video for any particular product that could initially look daunting to use, like a dishwasher. The message should essentially be: “This product is easy to use, and here’s why.”

You don’t need help from a videography professional, either 

While there’s nothing wrong with asking a videography expert for a few pointers on how to shoot professional-looking footage, the camera technology built into modern smartphones means that you could find yourself plenty capable of recording such footage by yourself.

Nonetheless, you should make sure your videos aren’t so lengthy that casual visitors to your website are put off watching them. Generally, you should embed each product video into the relevant product listing on your website and make sure each video does not exceed about 30 to 60 seconds in length.

We can implement the ecommerce website design your online store would need in order for its visitors to be able to easily find listings – and thus videos – for specific products they want.

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