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10 website content mistakes to avoid

Your website’s content says a lot about your company. If you take the time to get the content right, you are more likely to see the results you want. Including relevant, useful, well written and up to date content just make sense. This week, we are discussing some common mistakes that every website should avoid.

Out of date content

You’ve designed a brand new website and launched it to your customers, but two years down the line you haven’t edited any of the content. Sound familiar? This is one of the most common mistakes you can make, and it is something that will instantly turn customers away. If customers are met with out of date content, they will simply see you as unreliable, forgetful and might even question if your company still exists.

Regularly updating your content not only keeps customers engaged and invested but adding fresh content will also help your SEO efforts. If you know updating your content regularly is just not an option, try using timeless content and use phrases like “we were established in 2012”, rather than “we were established six years ago”.

Using duplicate content 

Another critical mistake a website can make is using duplicate content. Whether you use content from a competitor’s website or use the same text on more than one page of your website, Google will penalise your website. Google will not list this page in its results page, and your customers won’t be able to find these pages. Therefore, ensuring every page has high quality, unique content will not only benefit your visitors but, it will help your SEO efforts.

Moz has a really useful guide on their blog explaining exactly why and how duplicate content affects your website and how you can easily fix the issues.

Not making use of testimonials

Every website’s aim is to promote their company, draw in customers and paint the best image of themselves as possible. This means potential customers need to know they can trust all the things you are claiming. Using testimonials on your own site as well as on external sites is an effective way to do so. Try to match testimonials with relevant content, rather than dedicating a whole page to testimonials, which potential customers may never visit.

Not making content locally relevant

If location is relevant to your business, make sure you utilise this on your website. Always include location focused content, to ensure you are relevant to each area and are seen as a local, trustworthy business. By making content location focused, you don’t have to compete with the industry leading national businesses, helping your SEO campaign thrive. 

Not enough calls to action

Try to include calls to action (CATs) on every page, where relevant. You need to tell customers how they can get in touch by including contact information regularly on your website. Calls to action also help you make the goal of each page obvious to your visitors, guiding them through the desired steps towards a conversion. As Marketing Land states: “There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign unless there is a successful CTA”.

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