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Our top tips to pick the perfect name for your blog

It may not be the biggest hurdle you face with your company but trying to think of an eye-catching name for your blog can leave you struggling for ideas. If you’ve spent hours brainstorming ideas only to fail to make a decision, we’ve come up with some tips to help you find the perfect name.


How will the name represent your brand?

 Your blog should represent your brand. In that case, you need to consider what you’ll write about, who the target audience is, and the tone of voice you’ll adopt. These factors will not only help your blog build your brand but stand as a starting point for considering a name.

Understandably, the name of your blog needs to relate to the type of content that you’re writing about. You don’t want to confuse readers from the get-go. Similarly, if your blog has a fun name but all content is written in a fun tone, it will give the wrong impression. You need to be consistent with your brand and what you represent. So, if your blog is all about the latest digital marketing techniques, go for industry-specific terms such as SEO, PPC, and SEM to draw the reader’s attention toward you when they’re seeking some advice. Take a look at competitors’ blog names so that you can get an idea of what works for your industry.


Don’t be afraid to get creative

You may have an idea about the type of words that will describe your blog, but perhaps these words are bland and overused. In that case, get your hands on a thesaurus for a quick list of more exciting words to use. A food blog might automatically direct you to words such as nutrition, vegan, happy, and healthy but being more creative will bring you to words like fresh, fit, snack, munchies and grub. Perhaps you want to add some of these words together to get a unique name for your blog?


Embrace nouns, verbs and adjectives

 Even more creativity will come by using nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe your blog. This can help to get something that’s completely unique rather than overlapping with sites that may be similar to yours. Verb tenses or word variations will work even better.


Benefit from humour and alliteration

Laughter is infectious so why not think of a blog name that portrays an element of humour? Of course, you don’t want to choose something that’s crude, or that may offend others, but it can help to establish the fun and witty side to your brand.

A humorous title may not work for more professional blogs, but there’s nothing to stop you using alliteration. Alliteration has a quality to it that’s almost musical, allowing a title or a sentence to flow freely from one word to the other.


Invent your own words!

 Take your name game to the next level by thinking up entirely new words to name your blog. If you’re someone who can think outside of the box, then you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with language so that you can end up with something that not only embodies your brand but that no one else has ever heard of.


Still stuck for ideas? The team at Webahead are experts in all things web design, so they know exactly what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to naming your blog. Why not get in touch?


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