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How can you make your Facebook ads more effective? Facebook itself has an answer

In your battle to get your brand noticed online, PPC (pay per click) advertising can prove an especially powerful weapon in your digital marketing arsenal. However, this is on the assumption that you know how to best use that weapon, which wouldn’t be a foregone conclusion.

If your PPC presence is largely on Facebook but you aren’t making much headway with your PPC ads there, rest easy that Facebook knows, from its own research, what you can do to turn the tide.

How often should I display my Facebook ads?

Facebook IQ – Facebook’s research arm – has found in the past that there’s no single, perfect frequency with which Facebook ads ought to appear. For this reason, the onus is on you to find out for yourself, through your own testing, what frequency seems to work best for your particular brand’s ads.

Nonetheless, Facebook IQ opted to conduct fresh research – analysing 2,439 Facebook-based ad campaigns that ran between November 2019 and March 2020 – to gain a better insight into the “optimal” frequency.

Do more impressions always mean better results?

According to the new Facebook IQ study: to a certain extent, yes. The research measured the “desired response rate”, taking in positive responses to polls that concerned ad recall and action intent and were presented within 4-48 hours of a user’s last impression of a Facebook ad from one of the campaigns.

While the poll responses showed that more impressions did generally spark improved action intent and ad recall rates, the improvement tended to plateau after “a handful of impressions”.

Does the ad’s creative quality matter?

Yes – as, according to the research, that creative quality plays a part in postponing when exactly the law of diminishing returns starts kicking in. All the same, even “good” ads on Facebook could, after the fifth impression, struggle to muster returns at the same rate as before that point.

The takeaway from all of this is that, while working to improve the quality of your ad can certainly help, you should be wary of spending for much more than five impressions of that ad.

Now it’s time for you to do the testing

That’s because, as you could already sense, these results may not quite hold firm for your particular brand’s Facebook advertising efforts. For you to assess and improve the quality of your Facebook ad campaigns, you will need to apply a mix of systematic measurement and creative intuition.

By testing your ads to see how many impressions they can garner before slowing in effectiveness, you can more easily determine when you should decelerate your spending on a particular campaign.

What if you are still hitting a deadlock?

With paid advertising, results are never guaranteed. To achieve the best possible results with your PPC advertising campaigns, all you can do is run them in accordance with what typically works and for how long. That’s about as risk-free a strategy as you can get with PPC, about which our marketing experts here at Webahead Internet can further advise.

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