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Changes you could make to your digital marketing as 2021 beckons

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do at least have a few inklings of how 2021 should turn out. With the first COVID-19 vaccines now on the horizon and Joe Biden about to take over as US President, the world could be about to start a new chapter – and so could your marketing.

Here are a few ways you could adjust your marketing for this (hopefully exciting) new age.

Show that your business is on the pulse of social justice

As the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement spread across the globe earlier this year, it became increasingly clear that many people don’t just expect politicians to speak up in favour of social justice – they expect brands to do likewise.

However, you shouldn’t just speak – you should also act. That can mean following such measures as diversifying your workforce, supporting initiatives like BLM and donating to charities that support movements such as these.

Don’t be afraid to show transparency, especially on social media

According to statistics shared by Sprout Social, 53% of consumers are likely to consider making their next purchase from a brand that is transparent on social media. As for brands that aren’t sufficiently transparent in this way, 86% of their customers are consequently likely to switch to a competitor.

Your brand can show transparency – and not just on social media – by answering even difficult questions, openly admitting to mistakes and crediting people who have helped the company. 

Plan for new opportunities to advertise on social media

Social media has been a godsend to many businesses that, to survive, have had to rely on online operations more heavily than ever before.

As the pandemic won’t go away in a hurry, social media will continue to, well into 2021, help in keeping brands afloat. Therefore, you should brace yourself for social media platforms starting to open up even more avenues through which brands can advertise to users of the platform. 

However, don’t place all of your eggs into just one social media basket

According to the software review platform FinancesOnline, 75% of brands pour money into promoting Facebook posts, while 93% of social media advertisers spend on Facebook ads.

It’s not hard to see how, if Facebook suffers an outage like it indeed has on a few occasions recently, havoc could erupt among the advertising community. That’s why you ought to carefully spread your social media advertising spend between several platforms to rein in the risk.

Build your website with the user experience at the forefront

When someone in 2021 wants to buy from a company like yours, there’s still a good chance that this person will find it on one of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) rather than social media.

Google tends to attach higher rankings to sites that load quickly, are abundant in white space and, for reasons like these, work smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Our team can design you a website that will satisfy all of these criteria and afford your business a solid start to 2021.

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