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5 beginner-friendly tips for improving your website’s SEO

If you have landed on this page in the first place, you’re probably thinking: “What is SEO?” Yes, a lot of jargon attached to digital marketing can be confusing – especially if this is the first time you have been tasked with promoting a website. 

The acronym ‘SEO’ stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, and is the banner term for various techniques you can use to increase your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are five simple things you could do to start with…  

Research SEO keywords for you to use

These keywords are basically terms you would pepper across your site’s textual content in a bid to draw attention from members of that site’s target audience.  

Try not to think too hard when researching these keywords. For example, if the site is for a plumbing company in Durham, you could initially use variations of that phrase – like ‘Durham plumbing company’ or ‘plumbers in Durham’.

Use keywords in a way that looks natural

Overloading large sections of your website will look spammy – and could easily see Google penalise the site in the SEO stakes. The trick is to place keywords where they don’t actually look like keywords – in other words, like you would have put them there regardless.

So, while the above-mentioned plumbing company could dedicate a webpage to shower installation services, any mention of ‘shower installation’ or ‘installing a shower’ should ideally just go where it would make sense from a readability perspective.

Register a domain name that itself includes keywords

These should be your primary keywords, too – and we can even help you to register a domain name with an appropriate extension. So, if you only serve the UK market, you could signal this through opting for a extension – saving you from having to put ‘uk’ elsewhere in the URL.

Also available are more specialist extensions that could also do some of the SEO legwork for a website. No prizes for guessing what types of sites could benefit from adopting .biz and .tv URLs…

Make sure your website’s content aligns with search intent

Returning to the example of the shower installation page, if you are creating it, you should be wary of filling it with too much information that isn’t directly related to shower installation.

Yes, your company might offer an array of other plumbing services, like fixing pipes or unblocking drains. However, it’s important to remember that many visitors to the site would likely have landed straight onto the page from a Google search and so might not need or want any of these other services.

If you aren’t skilled with writing copy, hire a professional copywriter

We have no shortage of adept web copywriters at hand, making it easy for you to source the sumptuously-written text content your site needs.

In contacting our digital marketing agency, you can specify what purpose you would like the content to serve. We will then pass this brief onto an experienced copywriter so that they can work their magic for you.

5 beginner-friendly tips for improving your website’s SEO

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