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5 graphic design trends you can expect to see in 2023

Why does your business need to know what is ‘trendy’ in graphic design? Well, if your business does know, you can avoid the potentially reputation-damaging misstep of inadvertently using graphic motifs that have not been fashionable since, say, 2015.

However, graphic design trends can also be helpful for showing what works and what doesn’t — and so helping you cut out a lot of the trial and error involved in finding that out. Here are just selected examples of graphic elements that look set to be popular in 2023.

Hand-drawn illustrations 

Those illustrations don’t necessarily have to be drawn on paper. They could, for example, be drawn with an Apple Pencil on a compatible iPad. 

However, even using such technology, an illustrator would still be able to create imagery that looks as though it was made in a more traditional way. 

The usage of such illustrations can, in turn, allow your brand’s authenticity to shine through. This would be no small benefit considering that almost 90% of consumers have cited authenticity as influencing what brands they choose to support.

Data visualisation 

Some forms of data can be difficult to digest when presented as a raw list of figures — hence the popularity of infographics, which also have the advantage of being attractive for people to share.

If your brand needs to communicate certain information but you aren’t certain how it could be made easy for beginners to understand, graphic designers from our team could represent that information in infographic form for your brand to post online.

Nature-inspired design 

As concern about the environment has grown, there has naturally (now there’s something of an accidental pun) been an increased demand for businesses to show their green credentials.

It’s important that you don’t succumb to ‘greenwashing’ — that is, attempting to portray your products or services as more eco-friendly than they actually are.

However, as long as you can walk the walk, don’t be afraid to also talk the talk — such as by weaving images of nature, like flowers and plants, into your digital marketing campaigns.

Inclusive visuals  

Just like using a lot of green in your marketing wouldn’t suffice for making your company look eco-friendly in this day and age, you can’t expect to foster feelings of inclusivity just by representing different genders and ethnicities in your graphics.

You should go further, such by accounting for people with disabilities as well as visual differences besides skin colour. You could do all of this to help convey, for example, your company’s commitment to equal opportunities when it comes to recruitment. 

3D design

While graphic designers have long been able to incorporate 3D visuals into their work, this technique is likely to become even more popular soon. One simple reason why is that advances in technology have made it easier for designers to render these elements on webpages.

While on the subject of webpages, it’s worth mentioning that our web designers would be able to give you a website that is just as visually appealing as it is practical.

5 graphic design trends you can expect to see in 2023
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