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5 reasons why your brand could find a whole new audience on TikTok

In the relatively few years TikTok has been on the social media scene, you could have associated this app with little more than short videos of Millennials and Gen Zers lip-syncing to chart hits. However, its rising popularity has led marketers to take notice.

In September, TikTok announced it had reached the milestone of over a billion monthly active users – and many members of your brand’s target audience could be included in that impressive number. Here are a few more incentives for your marketers to join the TikTok party…

TikTok has launched its own ads platform

That platform is called TikTok Ads, and brands can use it to post creative videos that, as entertaining as they may be for day-to-day TikTok users, are essentially ads intended to blend in with the rest of TikTok’s treasure trove of short-form video content.

Like other social media portals, TikTok asks advertisers to bid for prominent ad positions. So, if you have already honed this process on other sites, it’s time to get back into practice on TikTok.

It’s easy to connect with TikTok influencers

That’s because TikTok has created a whole, dedicated section of its site where you can do exactly that. The TikTok Content Marketplace, as it is formally known, allows brands to peruse listings of various promising influencers to find one who naturally appeals to the brand’s target audience.

Influencers are so-called as they have a large amount of influence over their followers – meaning that, when an influencer highlights a given product or service, their fans will likely pay attention.

Spontaneous creativity flourishes on TikTok

One simple reason why is that, well, it is simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded the TikTok app on an online-connected smartphone, you’re ready to go.

This holds largely as true for marketers as it does for consumers, as the TikTok Ads platform comes with all of the tools you need for enhancing your campaign. So, if you’ve already got an exciting idea for what to put in a TikTok video, you can quickly get underway with producing that content.

Your brand’s profile could quickly rise as a result of TikTok

No matter how good a certain product or service is, you can’t expect anyone to buy it if they never find out about it. Fortunately, even obscure offerings can easily rise to the surface on TikTok – as, in the UK alone, the average time spent on TikTok per user is about an hour.

As a result, you could be pleasantly surprised by just how quickly your brand gets noticed on TikTok once it has established a presence there.  

It’s not too late to be an ‘early adopter’ of TikTok

TikTok has seen phenomenal growth over the years, having amassed over three billion downloads since it was first launched in September 2016. However, it still has plenty of room for growth.

Don’t worry if the prospect of marketing on TikTok still daunts you, as our social media marketers could help your brand when it takes its first steps on the platform.

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