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5 secrets to improve your website’s user experience

The user experience is instrumental in your website’s ability to convert its visitors into paying customers – and, ideally, ones paying regularly. However, there’s the danger of doing seemingly all the “right” things only to wonder why visitors keep bouncing from your site.

You might have overlooked a few subtle wrinkles that, in your website’s interface, lead delays and frustrations to gradually build up for visitors. Here are some tips for ironing out such creases.

It’s all white on the site

Why does Apple abundantly use white on its website? One probable reason is that a website in this neutral colour – or absence of colour, depending on whether you even class white as one – can look more sleek and sophisticated, which is in-keeping with Apple’s high-end image.

By extensively using white space around your own site, you can make the more colourful elements of it pop – and so draw more attention to particular details that really warrant it.

Ease the navigation process

Your website is up against a dauntingly high amount of competition online. For that reason, if it takes longer than roughly three seconds for a visitor to discern how to get around your site, they could easily be swayed into clicking away and giving a rival site a try.

Do what you can to prevent such apathetic reactions You could provide easily accessible links to your products from the homepage and implement a conspicuous but intuitive navigation bar.

Streamline the checkout process

If you sell items through your website, then keeping it speedy is essential. At Webahead Internet, our web wizards can strip out various superfluous elements of a site to prevent them chronically dragging down its speed. However, you might be able to shorten the checkout process right now.

Consider the admirable example of Amazon’s one-click purchasing feature. This clears much of the friction from a checkout journey that customers could often find convoluted on other sites.

Teach users a lesson… in a nice way

Why are users on your site on the first place? It might be because they are looking for an answer to a particular question and expect this information to be somewhere on your site.

However, note the crucial word “somewhere”; they might be unable to quickly discern where exactly this information is. Ease their search by placing apt details – such as about benefits of your products – on landing pages and so increasing the chances of users getting the right details at the right time.

Don’t 4-get to clearly direct away from 404s

If a user mistypes one of your site’s URLs or follows a broken link to that site, they could be presented with a 404 page. Therefore, make sure that this page clearly directs them in the right way.

The objective here is to point them to working pages of your site, not persuade them to entirely abandon it. Now, here’s another direction: call our company on 01325 582112 to learn how our web gurus can further enhance user experiences.

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