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How to find inspiration for your next blog post

Blogging regularly has a myriad of benefits: it can help in refreshing your site’s content, inform and educate the site’s visitors and, of course, give those search engine spiders something new to crawl. As a result, the search engines could reward you with higher positions on their search pages.

However, if you are at a loss as to what to write about next, what should you do? Fortunately, there are various means through which you could spark your imagination back into gear.

Put a new spin on old posts

Has your blog been regularly getting fresh content for months or years? It’s not such a wonder, then, that the well has run dry when it comes to devising fresh ideas.

However, over time, you have probably built up a large archive of blog content into which you could now dip in your search for fresh inspiration. You could write a follow-up piece to an old post, rewrite that long-ignored post from a new perspective or evaluate predictions you made a while ago.

What’s in the news and trending on social media?

Few things can get people interested in reading your content quite like a topical piece. Maybe something unfolding in the national or international news bodes well for your business.

On the other hand, maybe Twitter users have grown fanatical about a peculiar new hashtag which your staff tweeters have eagerly utilised, too. Highlight their creativity – and yours!

Provide a “how-to” tutorial

Your company’s products might help its customers to solve a problem, but they could still be flummoxed if they can’t figure out how to use that product in the first place.

If your firm sells neckties, buyers could struggle to discern how to tie them correctly. Similarly, if screen protectors are your company’s bread and butter, don’t be too surprised if people have difficulty applying them to gadgets without forming dreaded air bubbles. You know what to do…

Reveal what’s going on inside the company

Even if your company’s website remains largely static in design for months or even years, people who visit it might not realise the significant shifts in personnel that are occurring behind the scenes.

However, using your blog to break the news about recruits as they join the company can be enlightening and also give your brand an extra touch of personality. This can be especially true if you profile the staff member – including their hobbies and interests – in a blog post dedicated to them.

Survey to identify gaps in your website content

Going through your existing content with a fine comb might still not uncover glaring gaps if you don’t have a thorough idea of what your customers want to see.

For this reason, it’s worth conducting a survey to pick up on questions and concerns that you might not yet have got around to addressing on your website. Ring us on 01325 582112 to ask for skilled copywriters who can craft posts that tackle these overlooked issues and will be posted on your site.

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