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5 simple ways to make your ecommerce store more customer-friendly

Sometimes, an ecommerce firm could try too hard in attempts to draw more customers to its website. If you run an online store yourself, you don’t necessarily have to keep throwing regular sales or discounts at the problem, or increasingly desperately launch one advertising campaign after another.

The real problem could be in how your ecommerce site is set up. Here are some deceptively simple measures you could take to make this site more appealing to people who visit it.

Display your best products more prominently

As it’s through buying products from your store that customers help it to make money, it’d be pretty paradoxical if you didn’t do enough to show your store’s visitors its best products.

How exactly should you determine which of those products are the “best”? You could define them as your bestselling products, or those that sell in the highest quantities or generate the most money. However you define them, highlight them with the likes of vibrant colours or banners to promote them more effectively.

Use the right images – and lots of them

Not all of us can easily just walk into a shop to see up close the specific product we are contemplating buying – especially right now, while the pandemic is still raging. For this reason, many of your customers could appreciate you doing your bit to help replicate the in-store experience.

You could do that by taking multiple photos of each product before incorporating all of those images in a slideshow. Oh, and use a good camera to make sure you can capture crisp, high-resolution imagery.

Stick to a transparent pricing structure

That means being open and honest about your prices without trying to conceal any fees and charges shoppers would have to pay on top of the product price. If it’s only at the checkout that your prices suddenly look strangely high, you risk your customers starting to distrust your business.

Keep the website’s design simple and easy to navigate

Don’t try to be too clever with that design. You don’t want to leave your site’s visitors constantly scrolling just to find, say, a category page for products that should be your store’s bread and butter.

This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to use drop-down menus to help put all of the links you need on your website’s interface without cluttering it. Generally, it’s wise to take design cues from your mainstream competitors – you won’t get points for an “original” design if it’s hard for your customers to get around.

Make your ecommerce website mobile-responsive

These days, people view websites on devices staggeringly varied in screen size – from high-end desktop PCs to pocket-sized marvels like the iPhone 12 mini, with its 5.4-inch display. It stands to reason, then, that your ecommerce web design should be able to accommodate screens of any size.

Fortunately, with a responsive web design we can provide for ecommerce sites, yours can automatically adapt itself to the dimensions of any given display. Why not call us on 01325 582112 for further details?

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