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5 tips for making the most of Instagram Threads

Meta’s take on X-style microblogging, Threads, launched in July 2023 and has since been filled out with an array of features, including keyword search and a web app, that have long been standard on the competing platform formerly known as Twitter. 

Though Threads currently lacks any kind of formal advertising network, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed that the app’s number of monthly users had almost reached 100 million. Here are strategic ways to get your brand noticed on Threads. 

Take part in conversations

As the name Threads suggests, you can particularly thrive on the platform if you are willing to string together, well, threads — rather than simply make posts and then barely interact with anyone who replies to them. 

Still, you shouldn’t settle for adding only to those threads your own brand starts. You should also proactively comment on posts from target customers of your company. That way, you can help to convey yourself as capable of rectifying specific issues they may have long faced. 

Avoid descending into ‘salesy’ language 

For you, very much the point of joining Threads might be to encourage additional custom for your business. None of this, though, would justify you acting like the online equivalent of an annoying salesperson. 

Remember that most people don’t use social media primarily to buy things — and, as we have pointed out, you can’t place Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Threads for the time being. Right now, your marketing efforts on Threads should aim simply to foster positive publicity for your business.

Emulate strategies that have worked on X (or its predecessor, Twitter) 

At the tail end of November, Meta finally expanded a keyword search feature to “everywhere Threads is available”. This means that many markers making Thread posts can realistically expect them to be discovered by people using the app to search for that kind of content.

One word of warning here: Threads does not support hashtags. However, Zuckerberg and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri have mentioned Meta trialling a similar tags feature for Threads.   

Keep your Threads posts as short and snappy as tweets 

A Threads post can be up to 500 characters. In contrast, if you want to include more than 280 characters in an X post, you will need to subscribe to X Premium.  

Despite Threads giving you a lot more room to play with at no financial charge, you should probably keep your Threads posts concise. Many people could opt to scroll through their Threads feed quite rapidly, perhaps because they lack the patience to spend a lot of time reading any single specific post. 

Augment your Threads activities with other forms of marketing

Since Threads doesn’t provide marketers with quite as many promotional tools as other, longer-established social networks, you should make up for Threads’ shortcomings by making extensive use of other marketing channels as well.

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5 tips for making the most of Instagram Threads

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