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Give your Christmas digital marketing a creative touch with these tips

Whatever you typically like to do during the festive season, it undoubtedly presents a great opportunity for even relatively small companies to hugely increase their revenues.

In pursuing the following creative digital marketing ideas, you could help your business to positively stand out from the many others bound to also be competing for custom this Yuletide.

Make over your brand’s online presence

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” a certain traditional Christmas carol goes — but you might want to also deck your website with seasonal motifs (like those of wrapped presents, mistletoe and, yes, holly). The same aesthetic theme could be extended to social media accounts, too. 

We have graphic designers who would be able to make you Christmassy banners for posting on both the website and social media pages maintained by your company. 

Use social media to advertise Christmas deals 

Of course, there might be some products you add to your stock just for Christmas — like baubles and other seasonal decorations. In implementing a Content Management System (CMS) for your website, we can enable you to quickly and easily add the necessary new product pages to it. 

However, don’t overlook that we would also be able to run social media marketing campaigns in your company’s name, along the way spotlighting Christmas deals you have decided to offer. 

Help shoppers to choose the right products 

How often have you struggled to decide exactly which products would be right for you to buy for a specific loved one? You can bet that many of your customers will be in the same situation — in which case, you could educate them on key differences between products you offer.

For example, if you stock smartwatches, you could put several models of them through their paces before demonstrating your findings in video reviews you post to your brand’s YouTube channel. 

Donate money, products or services to charity 

Unlike Scrooge, you probably don’t need to be visited by three ghosts in order to see the value of charitable behaviour at Christmastime. 

You don’t necessarily need to give away too much, either. If you are simply too cash-strapped to be able to donate money at the moment, you could instead allow charitable organisations to draw upon any of the products in your stock free of charge. 

These charities will likely be so grateful that promoting your company in return would not be a problem for them. 

Send marketing emails to nudge some past customers

As December can be a hectic month for many of us, don’t be surprised if even previous customers of your business become too busy to particularly notice what it is doing for Christmas.

Fortunately, many of these people might have already consented to receiving marketing emails from you — in which case, why not opt to insert Chrimbo messages into such emails you send them next?

In the generous spirit of the season, we invite you to contact Webahead Internet to learn more about how our marketing experts could prove instrumental in making your company’s Christmas. 

Give your Christmas digital marketing a creative touch with these tips

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