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5 types of product tutorials worth considering for retail websites

As we have explained in an earlier blog post, tutorials can be great for educating your customers on why they ought to consider buying products you offer. However, in that piece, we didn’t quite so heavily touch on specific types of product tutorials you would be able to choose from.

The types you should choose will largely depend on what products you wish to promote through tutorials. Here are selected examples of the options you could consider…

Video classes 

You probably think of these first when the term ‘tutorials’ is mentioned to you. After all, the word very much suggests an educational slant, which is precisely what you get with a video where an instructor delivers a lesson as though you are right there with them in person. 

In a marketing context, an online store stocking a wide array of swimming gear like swimming shorts and goggles could post a video class where the instructor shows how to do various swimming strokes — such as front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Product presentations

In many respects, these work like video classes — except that they focus more specifically on the product itself rather than treat it as more of an incidental detail.

Going back to the example of the shop offering swimming products, those could include fitness bands and smartwatches for use in tracking not only laps accumulated but also calories burned in the process of swimming.

A product presentation from this company could indicate exactly how an Apple Watch Series 8 would be able to serve these purposes. 

Written articles 

We know that you were probably thinking just now: “Oh no, I’m not experienced at video marketing, so does the tutorial really have to be a video?” The good news is that no, it doesn’t. You could simply go for text instead — and we have copywriters skilled at writing in-depth articles for clients.

Keep in mind, though, that some concepts can be harder to explain in words alone. For this reason, if you go down the written route, you could give it some visual accompaniment, too — such as…


Why not scatter graphics throughout an article to make its instructions easier to digest? Alternatively, your tutorial could entirely comprise an infographic.

What is an infographic? The online Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of the word cites “a picture or diagram or a group of pictures or diagrams showing or explaining information”.

Either way, you would be able to trust graphic designers from the Webahead Internet team with artfully producing visuals required for the project.

User-generated videos 

Think about it: when you are trying to decide what to buy, you are bound to want to know what experiences other customers have had with the specific products you are considering.

This helps to explain why an online retailer can win big by encouraging customers to post their own videos of products they have bought from it. Why not start a social media marketing campaign where customers of your business create such content with a hashtag of your choosing attached?

5 types of product tutorials worth considering for retail websites
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