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Why add product tutorials to your retail website?

Probably all of us can relate to the feeling of looking to buy a product but remaining unsure exactly which one to go for. For example, your smartphone might be crying out to be replaced, but what model should you actually replace it with?

This scenario gets to the heart of why, if you run an online store that stocks a wide range of products, it can be well worth your while for you to add tutorials on how at least some of these work.

Tutorials are easier to trust than mere listings 

Sure, images and descriptions in a listing for a product can already tell you a lot about it. However, both can still be doctored to give a misleading impression.

Good lighting can make the item look better than it often does in reality, while words can be twisted in such a way that you think you would be able to use the product for purposes you really couldn’t.

There’s less room for such deception in a tutorial, as it naturally goes into much greater detail.

Certain concepts can be explained more clearly 

Think back to the example of buying a new smartphone. If you run a tech store, you might be intimately familiar with a lot of the complex terminology attached to this hardware, but it doesn’t naturally follow that all of your customers will be similarly up to speed. 

To help illustrate this point: if you stock all iPhone 14 models, you might know that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is faster than the standard iPhone 14 — but, in real-world use, how much faster?

A video tutorial would make a great opportunity for you to demonstrate this — as well as practical benefits the added speed can unlock for owners of the Pro Max.

Customers can get more out of their purchases  

Your relationship with a customer won’t necessarily stop once they have physically got their hands on a product from your online store. That customer might want to get back in touch with you if what they have bought turns out to have unexpected issues.

Some of those issues, though, could potentially be ironed out with a little work on the customer’s part. What if the owner of a new laptop is disappointed with its battery life? With a video tutorial, you could share tips and tricks for eking as much life as possible out of that battery.

Tutorials can be beneficially reposted again and again 

Not all tutorials have to be tied to specific products. A how-to piece on cleaning an oven, for example, can remain relevant and useful to people long after a particular model of oven is both put into production and eventually discontinued. 

As a result, you could opt to periodically highlight the tutorial via your brand’s social media channels for some time to come. We could not only give you tutorials as written articles and informative graphics but also publicise them on behalf of social media marketing campaigns we run on your behalf.

Why add product tutorials to your retail website
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