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5 ways to find ideas for your next blog post


You’ve committed to blogging and your new post was supposed to live half an hour ago – but you just couldn’t think of something original to write about. Fear not, as, below, we’ve put together five ways to find ideas for new content.


Content ideas for your blog
Content ideas for your blog

Use Quora to find questions 

Quora is one of the very best resources for anyone working on a content marketing strategy – it allows you to see what questions people are asking about your industry, and gives you an opportunity to answer them. Indeed, you could jump right in and answer them on the site, but the better method is to take the question away and turn it into a blog post.


Use a headline tool

If you know that you want to write about a particular topic, or have a keyword that you’d like to add to your title, then consider a headline tool such as Headline Hacks or Infographic Idea Generator. Simply input a couple of keywords, and you’ll find content marketing ideas that you can turn into blog posts. It’s lazy, but it works.


Check for upcoming dates

There’s a celebration for everything – so use it to your advantage and see what’s coming up this month. Whether it’s National Unicycle Day or the birthday of a famous author, find a relevant day and celebrate it with a new blog post. If you run a bakery, celebrate National Donut Day next June with a blog post about your favourite donut recipes.


Write about what ranks

If you have a blog post that’s ranking particularly well, consider a follow-up to give your audience more information. You could promote the post at the bottom of the original piece, and you’ll enjoy increased traffic and bolster your position at the top of the results page.


Try something new

If you’ve only been writing blog posts so far, then why not take your content marketing to the next level by creating an infographic, a video or a podcast? It doesn’t take long, and you can film or record from your smartphone. Indeed, visual content marketing is growing as one of the most effective forms of marketing, so don’t rule it out.


There you have it – five ways to find ideas for your next blog post. Whatever you’re writing about, good luck, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for a new website.

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