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WordPress websites: the benefits for you

Thinking of commissioning a WordPress website? You’ll find they’re a boon for your business for a number of reasons. Here’s how:

Why WordPress?

The number of WordPress websites created is increasing by the day, but it’s been estimated that a staggering 75 million websites have been built using this platform. Many top brands and household names use WordPress; it’s been reported that Disney, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook are all amongst their ranks. In fact, it’s been calculated that 25% of the world’s websites use WordPress and they’re choosing the platform for a reason.

User friendly  

Choose WordPress for your website and you’ll find it’s extremely user-friendly. So moving forward, when you want to add a new blog entry or update some of the text, you’ll find it straightforward. Yes, all new software takes some getting used to, but with WordPress, it won’t take you long. You’ll soon be typing away adding new material. The left-hand navigation bar or dashboard ensures it’s easy to negotiate your way around, adding new posts, pictures or editing pages.


For a website that’s flexible and can be adapted to many uses, you’d be hard pressed to find one better than WordPress. Whether you want to sell merchandise, create a portfolio of your work or write a blog, it could work well for you.

Perhaps most valuable of all is the fact that WordPress is extendable, so if your business expands or changes over time, so too can your website. Websites created on this platform are not static, they can evolve.

Moreover, their flexibility means you can integrate different types of media into your website and embed social media feeds too, helping to keep visitors to your site engaged.


For all that WordPress sites are easy to use, they are also customisable. So you can change many aspects of the website to suit your business, like the colour and background, add your own images or create a slider.  So your website won’t look quite like anyone else’s, it will be unique to you, meaning your website will stand out from the crowd.

Help you be found 

Do you want your website to be found and chosen? Of course, you do, that’s what we all want, to help our website and hence our business, to be selected in preference to our competitors. And, that’s another reason to choose WordPress, for their websites are attractive to search engines like Google, which will help your business to rank better in online searches. Put simply, WordPress sites are built with a code which is easy for search engines to crawl – which can only be a good thing for your business.

Moreover, moving forward, use the WordPress SEO plugin, and you’ll be given lots of guidance on how to write SEO friendly text and meta data – so you can keep up the good work each time you add new text.

Security conscious

Though there will always be security steps you need to take, WordPress is also lauded for being a security conscious platform. This commitment is illustrated by their automatic update feature for example.

So as you can see, there are a range of advantages to having a WordPress website. If you want to commission a website for your business that encapsulates all of these benefits and more, then contact the team at Webahead.


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