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5 web design mistakes that could be hurting your SEO

You’ve filled out your website, it looks great, you’ve done seemingly all of the right things to spread the online word about it, but… it isn’t attracting quite as many visitors as it theoretically should be, in the circumstances. Is all of this a familiar situation to you?

It might be because your website is lacking a few supposedly small things that are actually surprisingly important from an SEO (search engine optimisation) standpoint. So, it’s worth checking to see if you have made any of the following web design missteps…

Overlooking responsive web design

Even if you didn’t strictly know that about half of all the world’s web traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s hardly the most surprising statistic in the smartphone age.

What you could easily be excused for not knowing, though, is that Google’s algorithm lends greater SEO power to websites specially optimised for mobile usage.

So, consider asking members of our web design team to give your own site a ‘responsive’ design, i.e. one that automatically adapts itself to different screen sizes.

Insisting on always using large, data-heavy images

Yes, some of your website’s images — like one you choose for the site’s background — might need to be relatively large in their dimensions and data heft. Still, you should be selective about exactly where you use those weighty pictures.

Besides, some tools — like TinyPNG — enable you to reduce the file sizes of images without compromising their quality. Remember: the less data your website’s pics take up, the more quickly they (and, by extension, the website as a whole) will be able to load.

Not paying enough attention to your web hosting package

As we have already implied, Google likes a zippy website, and will improve its SEO rankings for the effort. However, another potential bottleneck on the speediness of your website is the server on which it is hosted.

If you originally invested in your current web hosting plan many years ago and have not changed or upgraded it since, consider switching to a new web host well-versed in SEO.

Taking a slapdash approach to site navigation

Have you long been in the habit of adding new pages to your website rather hurriedly, without stopping to think too much about where those extra pages would best fit in with the overall sitemap? If so, much of your website could now be awkward or confusing for visitors (especially first-timers) to navigate.

A Content Management System (CMS) can help you to shift those pages into a sensible hierarchy, but you could alternatively start all over again with our entry-level web design package.

Settling for poor-quality content

Changing course here isn’t just about making sure the content’s intended meaning is articulated in a clear, engaging fashion, important though that is. Your website’s content also needs to stay relevant in the here and now.

Our SEO copywriters can rid your website’s existing text of spelling and grammatical errors as well as pen whole new pieces geared to both pique and sustain readers’ interest.

5 web design mistakes that could be hurting your SEO

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