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CMS stands for – of course – Content Management System, which makes it possible for even those users with no technical training to control and manage the content on their website. Whether you need to add or edit the text on your website or even introduce or delete a few images or videos – to give just a few examples of what is meant by ‘content’ – a CMS site allows you to do so quickly and easily.

Traditionally, someone would not have been able to do these tasks without at least some HTML or programming experience. But with a CMS site, you really need nothing more than a rudimentary grasp of Microsoft Word. What’s more, the content on your site can be edited and managed via a mere web browser, from anywhere in the world.
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CMS Package

Features allow online business owners to have the most up-to-date content as possible on their website, at all times, which is an important consideration given the negative effect on a site’s search engine rankings that any delay in introducing new content can have. As the owner of a CMS site, you’ll never again need to worry about your site looking increasingly out of date and irrelevant to human users and search engines alike, and nor will you need to constantly call IT departments or web design agencies just so that you can add new content.

The only limit to a CMS website is your imagination tell us how many pages you want and we will work out a price for you based on the amount of time it will take us to create the pages. However with a CMS System you can create your own pages and publish them on the fly.

Have the peace of mind of knowing that your domain name and hosting package have been dealt with for the year ahead. When you opt for this package, we’ll register your own choice of domain name so that you have the basic foundations of your online brand identity already established.

Imagine not only having, but also as many of those email addresses as your business requires. That is exactly what the specialist in web design Darlington, Webahead Internet offers in its CMS package, which we can set up for you ourselves.

Let us know how many images you would like us to add and we will quote for it. Its as simple as that but remember that a CMS System can be a powerful tool that you as a client can control meaning that you can upload your own images when ever and where ever you are, all you need is an internet connection.

Whichever web design package you choose, you can always expect Webahead Internet to provide you with the highest standard of technical support. Call our support team from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, for responsive assistance with any problem that you may encounter on your website.

As part of your CMS package we will perform our basic local SEO. This includes adding keywords and meta data to your site. This package can be built upon to gain more exposure and higher rankings on the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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The merits of a CMS system

We use the open source WordPress platform in the creation of our CMS sites, given its strong organisational structure, ease of use and suitability for building all manner of websites, ranging from simple blogs to more sophisticated, fully-featured ecommerce websites.

WordPress offers extra functionality in the form of newsletters, registrations, ecommerce and more, courtesy of extensions that can be plugins, components or modules. Many WordPress extensions are free, while others are commercial but can usually be reused after purchase. Also, even if the extensions directory doesn’t seem to offer your desired functionality, there are many custom-made WordPress plugins, modules and components on offer from third party developers that surely will.

All of these features make it so much easier for website owners to independently manage their WordPress site, installing the appropriate extensions in the backend for the exact content that they wish to add or edit. A great website can be built not only faster, but also much less expensively.

Contrary to the popular opinion in some quarters, WordPress is by no means difficult to learn. Indeed, we find that our clients tend to quickly get to grips with the basics, meaning that they can quickly increase their confidence and competence as professional users.

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