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Backlink to the future: how your blog posts can foster links from other websites

Often, when someone chooses to read one of your blog posts, it’s probably because another site has directed them to it. That could be an especially trusted site that has opted to link to your blog posts – and hyperlinks like this are known as “backlinks”, as they link back to your own site.

Naturally, then, it’d be a good thing for you to encourage other sites to link to your blog posts – and here are some thoroughly tried-and-tested ways you could incentivise those sites to do this.

Make sure your blog content is well-written and informative

If you don’t consider yourself a naturally skilled writer, you could arrange for one of our copywriters to create the written content you need to keep readers engrossed. However, writing this content to a backlink-worthy standard isn’t just about the phrasing; it’s about providing reliable information.

So, when arguing a particular case, remember to include relevant statistics to back it up. If those statistics are well-referenced, other sites might choose to cite them and link to your article.

Infuse the content with your own brand and personality

Given the massive amount of information already available online, you could struggle to post much yourself that feels genuinely “new”. However, people don’t always visit blogs just for raw information; they might also visit them for the person sharing it.

When you put your own, personalised touch on the content, such as through an opinion piece, people could be inclined to link to that content much like why they might share a meme from a friend.

Integrate such visual elements as images and videos

Let’s get visual, visual – we want to see your blog talk. Well, “talk” in the sense of using the likes of images, GIFs and videos to break up each article’s chunks of text, which could otherwise risk feeling monotonous. These visual aspects could help you to demonstrate the points the text tries to make.

We’ve previously mentioned how infographics can make an impact. Our graphic designers could make you some infographics, allowing you to lend your content an especially creative visual flourish.

Share your blog posts on social media  

It’d hardly be revelatory for us to suggest that many of your target customers probably spend a lot of time on social media – because quite a few of us do these days! However, the fact remains that social media is an especially good place to you to share carefully selected articles from your blog.

One reason why is that, on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can often easily track what your target customers say – and, thus, which of your blog posts would most interest them.

Sit back and wait for your blog’s link profile to grow

Since you are at the mercy of other webmasters when it comes to what backlinks your blog garners, you can’t just “force” backlinks – at least not in a way of which Google would approve. Instead, you’ve got to simply focus on creating the kind of blog content conducive to backlink-building.

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