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Be the influencer: how to attract a loyal fanbase on social media

You might have heard of “influencer marketing” – the phenomenon of establishing lasting, fruitful relationships with people who already hold sway over many of your target customers and so can promote your offerings to them.  Still, how can you catch the notice of these influencers?

One idea would be to essentially develop yourself into an influencer of sorts, making it easier for you to form a network of well-positioned contacts who could be open to advertising your products on your behalf. It can all start with signing up a single social media page, so how should you bulk it out?

Establish an authentic personality online

Remember when your mother taught you “don’t pretend to be someone you’re not”? She probably could have got surprisingly far as a social media marketer, as you can’t anticipate establishing emotional connections with the right people if you succumb to the temptation to put on an act.

The crux of the problem here is that, if you do try to project an image that isn’t genuinely you, people will detect this and be deterred from wanting to stay around for more of what you have to say. Here, by “people”, we mean those who are especially likely to buy your products or services.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your authentic self seep through into the content you share – whether that content comprises videos, live feeds or, quite simply, blog posts.

Reach out to strangers

Have you ever been to see one of your favourite musicians in concert and come away impressed after they casually conversed with the crowd between performances or even met fans one by one after the show to sign CDs and other memorabilia?

This gets to the heart of why you shouldn’t keep a constant distance from your followers – for example, by regularly publishing fresh content but not replying to individual followers’ comments on that content. You could also seek opportunities to interact with individual fans privately.

Through showing that you see your followers as people worth getting to know well, rather than just a sea of random profile pictures, you can inspire those followers to spread the word about you.

Develop your authority in your niche

What is your area of expertise? You could mine extensively from the base of specialist knowledge that you have significantly built up over the years. Don’t be afraid to share that knowhow not just on your own social media pages but also many run by your contacts.

Naturally, then, if you run a gas and heating company, you could share tips on how your users could diagnose issues with a faulty boiler before deciding whether to call out a boiler repair company.  Meanwhile, a biscuit seller could enlighten their followers about especially quirky biscuit flavours.

However you exert your online influence, a little help from social media experts of Webahead Internet could go a delightfully long way. Why not phone our Darlington-based gurus on 01325 582112 to learn how beneficial that helping hand could prove?

Be the influencer: how to attract a loyal fanbase on social media
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