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“Where am I going wrong?” Why ‘technically’ good SEO still might not cut it

We’ve probably all been in situations in life where we have seemingly done all of the ‘right’ things but still keep flailing. As an online marketer, you could often be prone to running into this situation. Given the many weapons retrievable from your SEO arsenal, why can so many seem ineffective?

Truthfully, it might not be so much the technical aspects of your SEO that are to blame, but instead your excessive focus on them at the expense of the ‘art’ component of SEO.

Quality content is always important

Yes, you read correctly when we referred to SEO as an ‘art’. Sure, to run a thriving SEO campaign, you should keep on top of a wealth of scientific responsibilities, including making sure that your site’s alt tags, descriptions and sitemap are all present and well-crafted.

However, ‘content is king’, as the familiar saying goes – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lose its crown any time soon. So, how exactly can you create quality content?

Content must be relevant to users

What type of business do you run? The answer to this should inform the content that you share on your website. Naturally, you should succinctly detail your company’s services, perhaps across multiple webpages, and make sure all of them are accounted for in the sitemap.

However, given that you may have little incentive to refresh webpages regularly, you could also benefit from setting up an online blog to which you regularly post new and interesting content.

Content must serve as a differentiating factor

If you’ve long neglected the standard of the content writing on your site, now’s the time to rectify that. You might have assumed that the current text doesn’t need too much sprucing up, perhaps because it still explains all of the essential points, and that’s good enough… right?

Not quite. In a competitive industry, your site’s content – or more to the point, its quality or uniqueness – could help your company to edge ahead.

If that quality is thoroughly polished, this can help to foster a professional image for your company. Furthermore, if you regularly use your blog to share a variety of advice and dos and don’ts with potential customers, this could help you to position your firm as an authority in its field.

If you’re short of ideas for how to improve your content, consider what problems your target customers might have, and therefore the questions they may want to ask. You can then have our talented copywriters provide you with copy that addresses all of those issues.

Don’t overlook the technical side, however

If everyone got every part of their SEO profile technically correct, it wouldn’t be a natural consequence for all of those sites to rank highly… because of course, there’s only so much room on Google’s first few search engine results pages.

That’s why great content could help you to break the deadlock – and we can provide such content for you if you phone the Webahead Internet team on 01325 582112.

"Where am I going wrong?" Why 'technically' good SEO still might not cut it

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