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Blogging: why include it in your small company’s SEO strategy?

If you’re at the helm of a small or recently-established business, you may have heard of blogging many times, but whether you’ve actually leveraged it for promotional purposes could remain a very different question. Perhaps you’re convinced that you lack the skill or budget for blogging.

However, once you’ve augmented your website with a popular and regularly updated blog, it can essentially pay for itself by attracting more custom to your business. Here’s why…

You can position yourself as an industry expert

When someone is looking for a particular product or service, they want to buy it from someone who knows what they are doing. How can you demonstrate that you do? Simple: by showcasing your expertise across a series of blog posts, establishing your reputation in the process.

If this content succeeds in solving many people’s issues, however small those issues may be, those same people may soon look to you for further assistance… and even become paying customers of your firm.

You can make your business more visible in the SERPs

The acronym “SERPs” in the above subheading refers to search engine results pages, and establishing a high profile on those is a big deal. By its very nature, a blog is geared towards generating huge amounts of content – and the more articles you produce, the more of them will get indexed by search engines.

Still, to mine the strongest SEO returns from your blogging, you can’t put out just any content – it must be useful, engaging and informative.

You don’t need to be a skilled writer yourself

Writing well isn’t something that everyone can do naturally. For this reason, if you aren’t the most adept writer, you could be easily be forgiven for wanting to forgo the blogging route altogether.

Hey, not so fast! You don’t strictly need to put finger to keyboard yourself. All you have to do is gather the topics and information you know your audience wants or needs, and then forward it all to someone who can write effectively – such as one of our own expert copywriters.

It’s surprisingly easy to attract a loyal readership

With so much content online already, you might feel despondent about the chances of people wanting to read your own blog articles. However, even if your early posts don’t get much of a bite, you might be getting only one thing wrong: how you promote your content.

Perhaps you could publicise your posts on social media platforms where your target readers tend to gather? If you’ve got an email list, you could push advertising to people signed up to that, too.

You can prevent your online persona growing stale  

It wouldnt fill potential customers with confidence if they saw blatantly outdated information on your website. However, a blog is an ideal channel through which to comment on topical subjects, enabling you to clearly keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. 

If you remain uncertain whether your business website would really benefit from a blog, just call us now, on 01325 582112, to hear more of our thoughts and insights.

Blogging why include it in your small company's SEO strategy
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